Every last Thursday of the month, Toybank conducts a Power of Play session for our volunteers at QTube Café. The latest session was held on August 24, 2017. A total of 11 people attended this session and it was a blast. We started with an ice-breaking session and continued onto games and other activities. After the session we took our time to gather feedback and experience stories from some of the attendees. Today we would like to share their experience with you along with the details of the session.
The first activity conducted by our volunteer manager is called ‘If cards’. It is a game, where a person poses an ‘If’ question to the players and in turn, the players come up with answers. We came across all kinds of amazing answers and by the end of the activity, everyone was much more relaxed and open to share the next few hours of playtime with each other.
The play session included lots of fun games but the crowd favourites came out to be board games, jenga, trio-vision and spy-sight. The show stopper of the session was the game of ‘COUP’: players bluffed to survive till the end to win the game. It was an amazing, fun-filled experience for us, and we feel our volunteers thought so too.

Here are some experiences as shared by them:
The play session conducted by Toybank at Qtube was rejuvenating. It was an ice breaker for the staff and volunteers.
Playing board games after a long time reminded one of the childhood days, which made me realize how play is important when you are a child, and how it is a crucial part of our childhood.
The initiative taken by Toybank for keeping sessions for the volunteers is appreciated.”
-          Aishwarya Abraham
When I came for the session I didn't think that it would be such an amazing experience for me! To be very frank I am kind of person who is not really involved in playing such board games and all.... but trust me from the moment the session started and it ended I was really enjoying myself!
And I think playing such games and enjoying yourself also helps to ease up your mind and it also sharps your mind! It also gave me an opportunity to interact with diverse personality :)
Thank you so much Toybank for granting me this opportunity to be the part of this power session.”
-          Shraddha Makwana
The Power of game was amazing. Got to meet lot of new people and through games came to know a lot about them and well a bind was created rather easily. Came to know a lot about myself.
Umm according to me there should also be a group game like UNO, where everyone will be involved and it would also be fun. Along with the other board games though
Thanks a lot for this opportunity.”
-          Vienna Pereira



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