Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Children's Day Mela at Don Bosco!

Don Bosco Shelter organized a Children's Day Mela for 4000 street children in Mumbai and Toybank is proud to have participated in the Mela! Around 600 children came to the Toybank's stall at the Mela and played with the games!

Here's what our Mumbai Coordinator Farnaza had to say about the event:

"Toybank team set out with 25 games for the Children’s Day Mela. There were children from 32 NGOs across Mumbai who had come to attend the Mela. It started at 9:00AM . With the help of our volunteers we set the Toybank stall and took a few games out to play. A group of children gathered to see what’s going on.That’s how it all started. Then we  took out all the games and kids came rushing in to play the games, one by one. Batches of children kept coming throughout the day to play their favourite games. such as the finger football, fishing game, mixing fixing and jigsaw puzzles.

Our volunteers Shirsh, Neha, Pankaj, Kim, Jyoti, Haneeta, Gautam and Shruti were of great help all throughout the day. It would have been impossible to manage the whole show without them!"


Volunteer Speak:
Here's what Kim, one of our volunteers at the event had to say:
"Dear Toybank
        I love to interact with people and love helping needy people. Today I would like to thank you all at Toybank. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to work and interact with different kinds of people. The games were interesting and attractive. The children loved the games too. I have learnt many things after I came there as a volunteer, it has helped me a lot in my personal life as well. Thank you "

Monday, November 29, 2010

Toybank and AIESEC have fun at BalaKalakaar 2010!

Toybank partnered with AIESEC volunteers and reached out to over 900 children coming from various NGOs on the 12th of November in Tunga Village Basti near LnT Powai.

AIESEC is the largest youth organization in the world - an international, non-political, non-profit, student-run, independent and educational foundation comprised of students and recent graduates of institutions. BalaKalakaar’ by AIESEC Mumbai is an attempt to create an opportunity to help the underprivileged children to discover and develop their potential through creative exercises such as art, dance, drama, music, craft, etc.

This event was organized entirely by AIESECers and they managed to provide plenty of entertainment as well as a full fledged meal to each child attending the event. 

Toybanker Purab Kohli who is also an ex-AIESECer chatted with all the volunteers about how important it was for each one of us to live a meaningful life, about how we must spend our time impacting lives of people all around us. It was an inspiring talk for us all!

Also Toybank's dear clown cum magician Pravin took hold of the stage and the noisy kids were all of a sudden wrapped in attention and were intently watching Pravin perform! It was a delightful experience and the kids only wanted more. 

Soon Toybank started its massive toy distribution with all the super Toybankers interacting with each and every child before giving a toy. It was a tough task and yet with a strong team spirit we all managed to pull out the toys and hand over to each and every child below the age of 14 with a toy! The event was covered on Mumbai Mirror !

This day was truly a memorable one for all of us in more ways than one!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Awesome November - Children's Day is here!

Toybank celebrated Childhood during the Children’s Day week from 12th to 16th of November. It was a wonderful sight to see children having a blast and watch thousands of bright happy faces each one going home with a toy!

Toybank organized 3 major events through this week to celebrate Children's Day with 1000+ kids!
  • Tunga Village Basti near LnT Powai:
Toybank partnered with AIESEC volunteers and reached out to over 900 children coming from various NGOs on the 12th of Nov in a basti near LnT Powai.

  • Children's Day Mela at Don Bosco:
Don Bosco Shelter organized a Children's Day Mela for 4000 street children in Mumbai and Toybank Bombay is proud to have participated in the Mela! Around 600 children came to the Toybank's stall at the Mela and played with the games.
  •   Xaviers College, Churchgate
Toybank reached out to 300 kids on the 16th of Nov again with the help of AIESECers from Bombay. Toybank donated over a 100 games to the centres of the NGOs from where the children had come.

Many Thanks:
  • We thank Toybanker Purab Kohli for chatting and inspiring all the volunteers on the 12th of November.
  • We thank our dear Toybanker Pravin for making all the kids and even the volunteers laugh out loud through his magical 'clown' act! Thanks Pravin for always being there!
  • We thank all our dear volunteers without whom it was impossible to manage these events. Jui Gangan,  Kalhan, Haneeta Padam, Dimple Shetty, Priya Singhal,  Madhu Daswani.
    Gautam Maity, Pankaj, Neha Jain, Shruti Oza, Kim Muanching, Shirish,Divya Shetty.
    Madhu Daswani, Kalpita, Pratibha Parab, Jyoti Bhat, Edgar D'Silva.
    Ronak and the Mukesh Patel College Gang.
    Dushinka and all the AIESECers.
  •  We thank all our generous toy donors. We thank each one of you for constantly collecting and putting efforts to collect such wonderful toys. And a big thanks to all the last minute toy donors who helped us pull up the massive number of toys! 
Veena Nagpal (for adding all the brand new boards games in the end to help us reach the number).
Madhumita,  Sanjay Mudnaney, Nisarg Shah, Chandan,  Enez, Parvati.
Premila (for starting the collection chain at Bandra and Worli).
Kavita Ambani,  Surekha Punamiya, Ruchi Maru, Dimple Kubadia, Shraddha Agarwal.
Rashmi Singhal, Meghna Tak, Marise Lobo, Priti Doshi, Pooja Pandya, Deepti Menon.
Kiran Budhiraja, Toral Bakshi (and the entire GE Links society in Goregaun)
Pooja Trehan,  Gayatri.
Dannielle Van Leeuwen (for bringing 40kgs of toys from Australia!).
Hasmita Chander
Nada Wynn (Cup Cake sale held in the month of May, 2010 at Queensgate, UK).
Ivan (from DTDC UK for helping us transport all the toys to India).

If we make a small yet impact-full difference in the life of child today, he/she will grow up with confidence, courage and wisdom to face the future with optimism.

Thank you all for your ever willing support!
Happy Toybanking!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Toybank Mumbai visits Parivartan!

Toybank and  Ingersoll Rand organized a toy collection drive as part of JOG week celebrations. The toys were distributed to 98 children from Parivartan Shikshan Sanstha on 23rd of Oct by Toybankers and employee volunteers from Ingersoll Rand.

Parivartan was set up in 1997 by Shakil Ahmed and is currently running two centres within the Sangam Nagar Wadala slums, providing non-formal education to children who do not attend school due to issues that surround social, political and gender discrimination.

Catch all the smiles and action from the event here!

Volunteer Speak:
Here's what Shruti Oza, one of our volunteers at the event had to say:
"You really get pleasure when you talk to kids and when you give gifts to the kids who need them. I had gone to meet the children with my friend Farnaza on 23rd of Oct. I have gone to see many events earlier but this time it was different. 

When I reached there I saw many children who wanted toys and wanted to play with them. I was so happy looking at them when I was giving them the toys and asking them their name age and the destination of life.

It was really good to interact with the kids. I could see the enthusiasm in them and they had a curiosity and hunger to learn new things. We sat and sang songs with them and listened to many sweet stories from the children.

If I can sum up my experience in one line “I really enjoyed this event more than any other event I attended till date.” "

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Toys in action at our Toy Library!

Toybank has established it’s very first Toy Library for the children of the Vidya Vikas School in partnership with the Inner Wheel Club, Borivali. The Toy Library was inaugurated on the 9th of Oct by the District Chairman of the Inner Wheel Club, Mrs. Indira Kotak

Toybank has placed 100 toys in the toy library and also trained the teachers to manage the functioning of the toy library. It is indeed a brilliant experience for Toybank as this  project will now be part of our learning  and will help us replicate the same in many more schools in the years to come.

When the Toybank team visited the school to set up the toys and address the students one day before of the inauguration, we could see the enthusiasm amongst the children .The Toybank team went to every class to announce details about the toy library. The thought of playing with 100 different toys brought broad smiles on their faces!

Toybank team also sat down with the teachers to explain the functioning of the Toy Library. We thank the teachers and the Principal of Vidya Vikas School for being so cooperative and we thank Surekhaji from Inner Wheel Club who got us connected with the school and for helping us throughout this project!

After a month of functioning of the Toy Library, the Toybank team visited the library on 22nd Nov. As this was the first day of school after Diwali vacations the Principal expected only around 4 – 5 students to turn up from each class . So the Principal made an announcement that the children will get a half day where they will be allowed to play with the toys in the library, which eventually increased the attendance almost 3 times!

The children were soon engrossed in playing with the games.  We saw that once a child had finished solving the puzzles he/she went to help their friends with the puzzles they had taken. The children have learned to play in a team and also have learnt to share what they get.

It has been a fantastic experience for Toybank and will continue to be!