Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DPS School Children join Toybank for some fun events at Dakshina School,Pune

Mrugank, Vinesh, Mohit and Kushaj from DPS School children along with their parents and a few other Toybankers distributed toys to 46 children at Dakshina School in Viman Nagar, Pune on 6th August 2011.

Here is what our little Toybankers(from 4th Std) from DPS school have to say:

Mrugank: As a part of La Benevolat Project, me and my friends have chosen to work with Toybank. We were introduced to Toybank and oriented about its activites by Avni Pattani. We saw a video of little children like ourselves who were well nurtured and cared for; on the other hand there were children who had to work for a living. I felt very sad for the little children who could not play and had to work so hard. So we decided to do our lit bit to bring smiles to those little children and give them toys collected by Toybank.
After orientationafter which the first task assigned to us was of cleaning, segregating and wrapping toys for children in the age group of 2-5 years. We segergated toddler toys, put together puzzles and toys which were not in good condition were scrapped. Once the toys were wrapped we were eagerly looking forward to the next weekend when we would get an opportunity to give them to the children.

Vinesh: I felt very happy doing Toybank activities. This experience of segregating and distributing toys to less privileged children has taught me to take care of my own things and appreciate what I have. i also understand that I should share my toys with other children.

Mohit: Once we decided to work on Toybank project, Ms Avni Pattani showed us a small video about children.In the video there we saw both wealthy and poor people. We saw that all well-to-do families were having fun, while a baby from the lesser privileged families was bitten by a snake and had no help.The clip in the video touched us and then Avni aunty explained to us how we could do something for the lesser privileged children. After watching the video we cleaned and wrapped toys for small children studying in Dakshina School. Though it took a lot of time and efforts to segregate , clean and wrap toys we all enjoyed a lot.

Kushaj: On 6th August afternoon, we all gathered and started for Dakshina School. it was a nice and different experience. I was not sure how the children would feel when we taught them. As we entered the school we saw a lot of small children. As soon as we started singing rhymes the children started laughing and enjoying. We sang rhymes like ' Machli Jal ki rani hai, Lakkadi ki kathi, Jack n Jilll and some more that children already knew. We also taught them actions for the songs and it was a lot of fun teaching them some more rhymes. Then we distributed wrapped toys and biscuits to the school. It felt so good to see that we had helped bring a smile to these children. I am looking forward to next Toybank activity

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fun event with kids at Navjeevan!

Toybank conducted a fun storytelling event with the children at Navjeevan Centre and distributed toys to the children. 

Toybankers did dhamaal with the children, telling them stories, listening to their songs and poems and playing many games with the little ones.

Here's what our new Toybanker, Nishant, has to say about the event:

"This was my first toy distribution event I attended after joining Toybank. I just loved the way they welcomed all of us. They called me "dada dada" (elder brother). A Toybanker, Vishakha read out to fun stories for the kids and the kids repeated whatever she asked in chorus. After the story telling session we had a singing session where the kids came and sang poems and songs taught to them. Some of them were really cute.
We also played fire on the mountain, ringa ringa roses and a few more games. It brought back some fond memories of my childhood. The best part was the answers that came up when we asked the kids what they want to become when they grow up. Some of them said police officers, teachers, doctors and also Ben 10. The innocence that reflected in their eyes was something that touched my heart. I was given the privilege of giving the toys personally to all the kids. The toys not only brought a smile on their face but also one on mine too.
It was an eventful day as many of the kiddos became my new friends. Thanks to Toybank!"

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Feedback from Apnalaya

Apnalaya started Nutrition Rehabilitation Centre (NRC) at Rafinagar since July 2011.  The main objective of the centre is to provide nutrition to severly malnourished children from 6 months child to 6 years. Till now 35 children have been selected for this support to NRC.

Most of these children’s parents are Rag pickers, they go to collect scrap garbage in the morning and remain busy till evening in this activity. During this time these younger children are left at home with their elder siblings. Most of the times because of acute poverty there is not enough food at home to feed younger children.
At NRC children are given meals three times in a day. They are provided with Health check-up once in month as well as taking care of their personal hygiene. At NRC Toybank has also helped us establish a play centre for the children.

NRC has received many different toys from Toybank. Initially children were crying after they come to NRC as the surrounding was different for them, but since Toybank have supported NRC with different toys for the children, the children now look happier when they come to NRC. Toys in the centre has become their an attraction for them, they keep playing with toys and don’t cry much.
Apart from this these toys are helpful in exploring their creative mind as they get opportunity of playing  of game  of making some things from different parts of the game.  Many children are also learning to cooperate as they are also sharing toys with each others.

We get to see more smiling faces at NRC because of the toys provided by Toybank. Overall these toys have become helpful in healthy socialization process of these children. 

Feedback by: Sunita Tajane, Field Coordinator at Apnalaya

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Walk along with Toybank!

Toybank is participating in the Aditya Birla Mumbai 10 Kms. Walkathon on Sunday, the 2nd of October.
Join us to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti with Toybank at the Aditya Birla Mumbai 10 kms. walk/run fund raising event on the 2nd of October, 2011.

Every mile you walk will add to the smiles of the children in the world!

To support Toybank at the Aditya Birla 10kms walk/run click here. The entrance is by donating Rs.2000 to Toybank through Give India. The donated amount will be used to establish more Play Centres and Toy Libraries in the rural and urban areas.

Registrations close on the 27th of September. So please register now!

This event is open to all, aged 12 and above.

For further details you can contact us on 022 24458235 or write back to us on