Thursday, March 28, 2013

Toy Library revisit at the Aspiring Foundation, 9th March 2013, Delhi

Saturday morning spirit has been keeping me on my feet, whether it is East, West, North or South of Delhi. I am ready to go! The zeal of bringing smiles onto those tender faces wakes me up, and this time it was the ‘Aspiring Foundation’ in the Saraswati Slum of South Delhi.

I had arrived before time but did not have to stand alone, even for a single minute. The kids knew someone would be coming from Toybank to visit their school today so even they reached before their teacher. The greetings and loving welcome by the kids strengthened my motive of the day. We had a small round of introductions till the teacher arrived and unlocked the door. She then divided the kids according to their age. This time the session was for the kids below the age of five :)

The cartons appeared as treasure boxes, containing soft toys, rattlers, clay, puzzles. Jean and I started with songs and poems on counting and alphabets. We then started with our task, and dealt with the demands of who gets which toy by circulating them at a fixed time interval. This way everyone got to play with each toy.

It amazed me how quickly they made breathtaking creatures and objects out of clay - elephant, butterfly, snake, dice, book- I tried capturing them in my camera but most could fit only in my heart :) A little boy named Dhruv would not let anybody touch his blue red train but then eventually gained interest in other toys and someone else acquired the train. And who says bowling can be done only on a wooden floor alley? Thanks to the toy donors, we managed to set up a ‘mud-alley’ outside the school door! Two hours passed by in gags, laughter and chit chat.

Toybank had set up a toys and games library at this centre last year – for both morning shift that has about 20 kids of 2-5 years of age, and the afternoon one that has 35 children between 5-14 yrs. We have been regularly updating this library, thanks to Delhi volunteers and to the wonderful faculty at the foundation. We ended the day with our national anthem and a takeaway that life is beautiful with beautiful moments like these…

“To those who see with loving eyes, life is beautiful… To those who speak with tender voices, life is peaceful... To those who help with gentle hands, life is full… and to those who care with passionate hearts, life is good beyond all measure."

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Library revisit at Action for Community & Training, 2nd March 2013, NCR- Delhi

This was our second visit to the Toy/games library that we have set up at ACT, Faridabad. We went there with much more enthusiasm than last time as we knew that we will be surrounded by more than a 100 cheerful kids. A handful of volunteers who attended the previous event at ACT, knew that they fell terribly short and needed many more hands. Thanks to the effort of the GENPACT’s team, this time we were around a dozen and made sure that every child gets a fair share of time and games.
Based on the feedback that we received from ACT’s staff, this time we got stocks to match the interest level of the kids there and took back some of the more complicated games from last time. The volunteers, the staff and the children had a wonderfully loud session – yet were able to communicate their appreciation for each other. We’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking… :)