Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Play centre revisit and distribution at CanSupport, Delhi NCR - 8th Sep 2014

We revisited the small play centre that Toybank had helped setting up a few months back. It was very satisfying to see that for the little ones, who come there, the toys are a main attraction. As they sit in that small room, with their mothers, waiting for their turn to see the medical counsellor, the toys and games provide a lively distraction. Similar is the experience with the teenagers, who sit in support groups. They play a board game or two after finishing with their discussions, thus leading to a healthy bonding in the group.

This time Toybank took toys for all the children (around 40). All of them received surprise gifts as they left. They were asked to open it after reaching home, but of course they couldn't wait :), and you could see them smiling as they moved out of the building.

Happy to bring out those smiles :)

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Play Library at Harmony House Gurgaon, Delhi 25th Aug 2014

Two lovely homes in a green block in Gurgaon, buzzing with 300+ kids and faculty dedicated to the cause of providing quality education to the underprivileged. Being run completely on donations, this 'Harmony House' is a dream come true of a philanthropist.

Toybank Delhi had the opportunity to set up the play libraries at these homes. We managed to collect and sort around 70+ games and toys for the kids of age group 6 and below, and about 50 odd board and mind games for the older kids (age group 7-15). As the library setting up day was a Monday, so only about 4 of our Toybank volunteers could make it. However, we managed to spend two hours and trained a group of 30 older children on various board games, with a hope that the explanation will trickle down to the younger ones later.

The management and staff at harmony house has shown immense support towards the play library, by offering space and time for the purpose. They believe it is a fun way of educating the kids and hence encourage participation.  
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