Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Toybankers celebrated Toybank’s 7th Birthday with the kids at Project Crayons-CDC

Toybank organized a fun magic show for the children at Community Development centre at Mankhurd which is under Project Crayons. It was an amazing event where the children enjoyed the performance by our dear Pinto Baba! And each one of the 120 children went home with a lovely toy for themselves to play with.

Here’s what our volunteer Edgar has to say about the event:

"A fun event was held on 16th August at Ambedkar Nagar-Mankhurd in the morning for the lesser-privileged children of the area .There were around 100-120 children from the age group of 3 -15 years.

The programme was divided into two parts the Magic Show & the distribution of gifts to the children.
The magic show was done by one of our Toybank members --Mr. HAPPY TOYBANKER-.the children enjoyed the event -they were also called on the front to join in a few magic tricks with the magician. Pravin was well dressed & kept the kids lively with his tricks & jokes'

The next event was the giving away of gifts to the children, they were divided into 3 age groups -- 3--6 yrs, 7 to 10 years and 10+. A format was prepared & each child gave their name, age & was asked what they would like to become when they grow up. The answers were very interesting as many aspired to become doctors, policemen, teachers, etc.

The event ended around noon. There were around 6 volunteers. It was well organized by Farnaza & Shweta..The gifts were good & well packed. The volunteers also joined some of the older kids in the closing stages and showed them how the games given to them were played.
The volunteers enjoyed themselves & were served with refreshments along with the teachers in the end. A nice book was presented by Toybank to each of the volunteers. It was Toybank’s birthday celebration worth remembering, & the lovely snaps taken by Shweta & Poulomi will give u an insight of the well organized event & the enjoyment of the children”

Here are the fun pictures!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Toybank turns 7!!!!

Toybank celebrated its birthday with children from School on Wheels (SOW), Udaan Ghar and Community Development Centre!

Toybank partnered with Project Crayons, an NGO working to empower marginalized communities through Health, Education and Rights, to conduct a Toy Distribution event at three centres under their wing.

Toybankers come together on the 12th of August, 2011, to engage children from SOW and Udaan Ghar into fun activities and later on distributed toys to all the children!

Here is what our volunteer Lavita has to say about her experience at the event at SOW.

“On 12th August, 2011, Toybank organized a toy distribution event for the children of SOW at Ambujwadi, Malad. The children attending this event were between 4 to 11 years of age. There were 4 Toybankers along with a few volunteers from Project Crayons who interacted with the children. The event started at 11 am with the team conducting a drawing session for the children where they were taught to draw things like our national flag, house, tree, birds, etc and the children coloured it with bright colours.
This was followed by a story telling session wherein the children were told stories with morals by the volunteers. The children were very amused as the stories were told with much enthusiasm and expressions. The children also shared some nice stories with us. The whole session was very exciting and fun filled not just for the children but also the volunteers. This was finally followed by distribution of toys to the children. When the children were asked to tell their ambition in life most said that they wanted to become Doctors there were a few surprises such as Builder, Pilot & even a Policeman.
We have never realised that there is another part to Mumbai where people live in shanty homes, work hard to live a hand to mouth existence and if need be even stop the schooling of their children and make them work for the families living. Mumbai is filled with unbelievable contrasts that make it a unique and eye-opening experience. This volunteering experience has given me a chance to see the other side of this city and most of all to be around kids and see their lovely smiles and interact with the innocent little ones. When I see them smile its worth all the efforts I have put in to volunteer!”

After the toys were distributed to the children at SOW it was a wonderful thing to see all the children living nearby rushed home and immediately started playing with the toys they received. The bright smiles on the children on seen their toys made our day!

On the same day Toybankers also gathered at Udaan Ghar where we had collected lots of waste material and the girls at Udaan Ghar made nice decorative items out of them, like door garland, house, pen stands, baskets, wall hangings, purse, etc. It great to see a creative streak in many of the girls at Udaan Ghar!

Here is what our Toybanker, Jyoti Bhat has to say about the event:

“It was good to see a place where girls are, protected and sheltered and helped with education! The creativity of the inmates was absolutely splendid, it was nice to see that children really put their minds together to make creative items out of the available material - e.g. the toran, the match-box wall hanging…
Udaan ghar itself looked organized & neat place for the girls to live in. At the end of the event Toybank gave age-appropriate toys to the girls. The event was very well organized.”

At the end the children were explained how to play the board games by our volunteers. The children loved the games and said they would play these games every day in their free time!

The pics of both the events will be uploaded soon!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Volunteer of the month - July

Toybank is happy to announce the volunteer of the month for the month of July - Seshadri!!!

Seshadri joined Toybank in the month of April and has been contributing to Toybank in many ways. Since he has joined us he has been a part of most of our event.
He has been our impact volunteer who has come for the play sessions in our Toy Libraries and play centres and has given us valuable feedback and suggestions for the same.

It's been awesome to have Seshadri as a volunteer with Toybank, and we hope to continuous volunteering support from you.

Seshadri, at our Toy Library Inauguration

We had a small chat with Seshadri, here's what he has to say:

Toybank: What brought you to volunteer with us?
Seshadri: I have a couple of friends in the MNC’s and one of them who is also associated with your organization, its through them that I got to know about your organization.
I had called it a day from the organization that I was serving to put in some work for society especially the children and Toybank has provided this platform.
Its actually my privilege to be associated with Toybank and all of you in this organization.
The last few months have given me immense pleasure & satisfaction which I could not probably experience in my 30 years with the public sector.

Toybank: What is your most memorable experience with Toybank?
Seshadri: Actually each event organized has been a memorable experience, it would be difficult to pinpoint any particular event as each one has something new to offer.
We have a lot to learn from the children and that’s what I look forward to every time.

Toybank: What do you think about volunteering in general?
Seshadri: Volunteering is something to be done selflessly without any expectations for it to be enjoyed to the maximum.

Toybank: What keeps you motivated to volunteer?
Seshadri: Every time we go to meet the children its an absolutely new experience & we do not know what’s in store, this “Expecting the Unexpected” is what I guess keeps me motivated.
Also I get to meet so many kinds of people from the educational field, the private as also the public sector as also people from the so many diverse fields.
It has been an exhilarating experience. Thank you Toybank.

Thank You Seshadri!!!
Keep Toybanking!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Update from our Tata Memorial Hospital Toy room

Children at the Tata Memorial are super happy when they get to play with the wonderful games and toys they have in the Toy Room. 

It's been a great experience for Toybank to set-up the Toy Room under V Care Foundation at the Tata Memorial Hospital!

Here's what Savita, a volunteer from V Care has to say about the Toy Room:
"The children thoroughly enjoy playing with the games, specially hungry hippos. The toy room comes up alive while playing with it. Also the young infants  are enjoying playing with the colorful toys that u have given us. 
The car racing set also is enjoyed by a few grown up boys.
Looking forward to your continued support"

Toybank replenishes the toys in the toy room with new toys every 3 months for the little ones at the Hospital. 

Do get in touch with us on if you'd like to donate toys specifically for the children at Tata Memorial Hospital. 


Monday, August 08, 2011

Toybank Birthday Events...

Toybank will celebrate its 7th birthday with 300 children!
Here are the fun-filled events during Toybank’s Birthday month:
• Storytelling and Toy Distribution at School on Wheels – 12th August 11am to 1pm
• Best outta waste activity and Toy Distribution at Udaan Ghar – 12th August 3pm to 5 pm
• Magic Show and Toy Distribution at Community Development Centre – 16th August 11am to 1pm

Do block your dates to attend these fun-filled events.
To confirm your participation please mail us on or call us on 022 2445 8235.
Hope to see you at our events