Monday, December 31, 2012

Toy Library @ Poisar Municipality School

One more Bank of toys in process to open shortly in the city of busy life, Mumbai! With all the efforts from the Inner wheel club of Borivali and Poisar Municipal School, Toybank has made an entry in one more Municipal school of the city.

On 27th December 2012, Toybankers conducted a teachers training program at Poisar Municipal School. The training program was conducted for the Pre-primary and Primary school teachers. 20 teachers participated enthusiastically in the training. The teachers in the school were trained by the Toybankers on the functioning of the toy library and on the games bought to the library.

The teachers will start conducting the play sessions from January for the children. The Poisar Municipal School library is set for approximately 500 children from pre-primary and primary. There are 60 different types of toys given to the Library, and Toybank will replenish the toys after every 3 months of the operations of the Library.

Thank you to Jyotika Bhatia, Madhura and Akshit for helping us during the teacher training process.

A big Thank You to the School Principal Ms. Sangeeta Wade for coordinating with us and helping us all through out. With her presence at the School the Toy Library is definitely going to be a hit!

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Toy Library at Ashadeep Association

Toybankers visited the Ashadeep Association centre at Mahakali Caves on the 21st of December, 2012 to set up the Toy Library for the children.
This Toy Library will be accessed by the children in Balwadi up to the 5th standard.
The children who attend this centre are from the low income group, living in the slum communities. These children do not get a safe environment to play in.
Now 75 children will get access to regular constructive play through our Toy Library.

There are 35 toys given to the Library, and Toybank will replenish the toys after every 3 months of the operations of the Library.
Toybankers coded the toys at the centre and conducted a teacher training session for the teachers at Ashadeep.
Toybank used the toys purchased by the Deloitte team for the Library. 
A big Thank You to the Deloitte team for donating such a wonderful set of games for our toy libraries!
The teachers at the centre were trained by the Toybankers on the functioning of the toy library and on the games bought to the library.
The teachers will now start conducting the play sessions twice a week for the children. Toybank volunteers will visit the centre twice every month for conducting follow-up sessions.

To volunteer at Toy Library at Ashadeep on weekends, contact or call on 9699468235.

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Toybankers @ Tridha School

Tridha School children continuously volunteer for Toybank and keep collecting toys from their friends in their buildings and their School.

Toybankers Aashray Mody, Neel Sakariya & Aditya Iyer with all their enthusiasm go class to class announcing about Toybank and what we do to create more awareness and encourage children to donate toys in good condition.

Hemal, Aashray's mother has been even more encouraging and allowed him to run the Mumbai Marathon for Toybank.

Aashray and his friends, Neel Sakariya, Trisha Salva and Adita Iyer have volunteered at Toybank in a couple of our events.

This is what Aashray had to say about his experience with us:
"I enjoyed the work at Toybank it feels good to help the poor & marginalised children .It is overwheelming to help them and give toys to them it also helped in our work and understanding of life. I am happy to  help Toybank.
I will always like to work for Toyabnk. It is fun to be a part of your team.:-):-):-)"

Toybank celebrates Child Rights Day in partnership with Deloitte

To celebrate the Child Rights' Day, Toybank joined hands with Deloitte, under their Impact Day initiative to reach out to over 300 children from different NGOs on the 23rd of November, 2012.
Deloitte also donated 200 brand new toys to Toybank, out of which we will set up Toy Libraries at 2 NGOs.

Shweta Chari, the CEO of Toybank, sounded off the Toybank story to the 35 Deloitte volunteers who were going to be involved in the fun-filled day. 

35 enthusiastic Deloitte volunteers teamed up with Toybankers and split themselves into 3 groups. 
 All of us visited 3 NGOs:

All the volunteers had a great time interacting with the children at the 3 NGOs
We first conducted a movie screening session and showed the children a cartoon movie - "Trish, Krish & Baltiboy Part 1". Later in the day we played some fun games and taught the children how to make butterfly, flowers, pop-up cards etc. out of origami paper.

Volunteer speaks:
"Being a part of the Toybank thread at the Impact Day was an overwhelming experience. Playing with the kids, watching cartoon movie, teaching them origami, dancing with them and in the end distributing toys was like getting the opportunity to be a Santa for a day. The session started with a cartoon movie and the kids were really excited. It was fun hearing them sing aloud the catchy tunes from the movie and making fun of the characters. All of them were very keen on learning the origami flying bird and the jumping frog. Watching their enthusiasm for learning and interacting with everyone was very inspiring. The idea of Toybank is to give the right to childhood to the kids, but believe me it was like going back to our childhood and being kids again. I definitely look forward to being involved in the other ongoing activities at Toybank."
-Mor, Rashi Kanhaiyalal

"I knew the importance of toys when I associated myself to the thread called Toybank. I got connected to this thread in 2011 and was overwhelmed by the response that we received then. Above all, the joy of giving is what got me again enrolled for this thread in 2012.
In fact the whole thread is driven by the smile & enthusiasm that you see on the faces of each little ones. By the way of Toybank, I feel we are doing justice to underprivileged kids, by giving them their right to …..Play."
-  Nair, Pradeesh Balkrishnan

"It was a very good experience volunteering for the Toybank thread on the impact day. It was a memorable experience which bought to forefront all the sweet memories of childhood while watching the cartoon films and doing origami with the kids. I am also greatly inspired by the tireless work that Toybank does with creativity, commitment and love to bring a smile on the faces of these little children. I am highly honored to be a part of this the thread and I look forward to working with this thread in the future as well.  And lastly I would like to say, keep volunteering and contributing to the community as it’s rightly said that “Every action in our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity.”
- Lakhani, Aamin

"I had been to Snehasadan as part of Deloitte’s Impact Day thread – Toybank.
It was a very touching experience in meeting the kids and teaching them Origami, drawing and also distributing toys to them.
I was amazed by the zeal and talent in the kids and relished the few hours I had spent in spreading joy in their hearts and nurturing their talent."
- Viswambharan, Sajan

"Novak Djokovic said, 'What I learned as a young child continues to have a tremendous impact on my life today.'
Most of our lives have an uncanny resemblance to the words he said. The impressions left on us as youngsters remain with us forever.  But sometimes when we take a step forward to being more ‘humane’ than we already are, we realize that there are so many people and things that we can leave an impact on.
The same happened on the very aptly named “Impact Day”. Those were moments that I would remember and cherish for the years to come. Our first experience with children who hailed from impoverished backgrounds, but aimed for the stars.  Interaction became an understatement when we started playing with them, helping them draw and color. A few of them took the craft paper righteously from our hands and taught us how to make a hat! It was overwhelming to hear them talk about their aspirations and tell us their versions of the movie shown to them. In all the day taught us a lot more than we could ever teach them, and when it was time to say goodbye, very innocently the shiny- eyed kids asked us “When would you come next?”  And the day couldn’t have been better!!"
- Khanduri, Divya

“A bunch of us volunteers at Deloitte chose to go to Snehasadan, a home for the less fortunate children as part of our Impact day activity.  We spent the whole day with the Kids, watching movies, doing creative stuff like drawing, painting and origami. At the end we distributed toys to each of these kids, after all, we were a part of the Toybank!!! I was mesmerized by the energy and talent that these children possessed.  It was a rewarding experience to see them enjoy themselves. The smile on their faces made my day.“
- Bhat, Swastika

"It was all splendid experience to attend the impact day session with Toybank.
Children from various houses were at same place, but it was difficult to tell that they belonged to different places. Whatever activities were played – Movie, Origami, and Drawing or juggling, they actively participated in all the session. They all were very enthusiastic and energetic to learn the the end; they thanked us with a smile.
After the session, father addressed all the volunteers. When, how and why houses are built? What challenges they face?
It was great to hear the insights and moved me to be more actively participate and meet these kids more often.
On summarize, I think that few hours spend that day, I learnt and enjoyed a lot."
- Sachdeva, Mukta

"I have been part of social activities before like teaching lesser privileged children, spending time in an orphanage, etc. Being at Snehasadhan was a whole different experience. The kids there were very welcoming, friendly and in high spirits. I feel I enjoyed more than those kids would have while spending time with them watching movie, drawing or making origami patterns.  I am really glad Toybank came up with such an innovative idea of setting up toy library and taking care of the child-part in these children. The smile these children had, when we were giving them toys is something that will stay with me. It also encourages me to continue being a part of Toybank. I am really grateful to Toybank and Deloitte to provide me with this experience. I look forward to spending more time with these kids.
Congrats for doing such a great job."
- Saraf, Manisha

"It was very pleasant experience to be with the children at Snehasadan .
It was fulfilling as well as thought provoking journey. On the one hand, it makes us see the anomalies of the world, while simultaneously we could see the path of change as well. But the intriguing part for me was that, what I could understand was those children are more in need of affection and time other than anything. It was heartening to see their fight for survival and a better future but our collective indifference as a society towards them has to be changed.
To sum up, it was experience of a life-time.
Thanks for giving me the opportunity."
- Parashar, Saurabh

"It was a different kind of experience interacting with so many children. I left in the evening with a completely positive attitude in life.
I would look forward in helping out for such a cause in the future."
- Kaul, Vikas Virandhar

Responses from our NGO partners:

Dr.Smita from Asha for Education: "The event was very enjoyable for the children, especially the Movie shown by Toybank was thoroughly enjoyed by all the kids. We would appreciate it if Toybank could conduct other such activities at Asha for Education and also establish a toy library here."

Sister Thresa from Snehasadan: 
Thank you for distributing toys, and I know fully well the children will make the best use of it. The screening of the animated film was a beautiful idea and the children did enjoy it very much.

Father Fonseca from Snehasadan: It was a very rewarding experience for the children to interact with such wonderful set of enthusiastic people. Thank you for spending a full day and entertaining the children. This event was a gain for both the kids and the volunteers.

Toybank would like to thank all our Toybankers who helped uswith the preparations of the event and during the event 
A big Thank You to:
  • Simadri Rout
  • Trisha Salva
  • Aashray Mody
  • Neel Sakariya
  • Jyoti Bhat
  • Nutan Raj
  • Sonia Chaudary
  • Madhavi Singh
  • Shalaka Targe
  • Kalpita Mahadik
  • Aditya Iyer
  • Niyati
  • Nidhi
  • Aishawariya
Keep Toybanking! :-)

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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Toy distribution at Hamara Foundation

The Toybank gang visited yet another centre of Hamara Foundation at Elphinstone Road in the month of October to spend some fun time with the children there and to distribute toys to the children.

There were around 50 children and all of them had a wonderful time interacting with the volunteers and learning how to make cricket caps out of newspaper.
The children were fascinated with the caps they made, and told us that they would wear them when they play cricket with their friends. :-)
All the children were gifted toys after the activity.

Volunteer Speaks:

It has been a great opportunity for me to have my 4 year old child gift toys to the children who are lesser-privileged. My child is lucky to have attended such a heart warming event. I was touched when she started asking me questions about the children there, as she was surprised to know that these children live their lives on the streets.

Jay Trivedi:
It was amazing to see the enthusiasm of the children to learn and their ability to grasp new things. The children at Hamara Foundation are very sharp, and the support they receive from Toybank will surely help them to be smarter and brighter individuals in life.  

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped us conduct this event: Grishma, Hitanshree, Jay & Ami.
 Keep Toybanking :)

Pictures of this event will be uploaded soon.