Toy distribution at Hamara Foundation

The Toybank gang visited yet another centre of Hamara Foundation at Elphinstone Road in the month of October to spend some fun time with the children there and to distribute toys to the children.

There were around 50 children and all of them had a wonderful time interacting with the volunteers and learning how to make cricket caps out of newspaper.
The children were fascinated with the caps they made, and told us that they would wear them when they play cricket with their friends. :-)
All the children were gifted toys after the activity.

Volunteer Speaks:

It has been a great opportunity for me to have my 4 year old child gift toys to the children who are lesser-privileged. My child is lucky to have attended such a heart warming event. I was touched when she started asking me questions about the children there, as she was surprised to know that these children live their lives on the streets.

Jay Trivedi:
It was amazing to see the enthusiasm of the children to learn and their ability to grasp new things. The children at Hamara Foundation are very sharp, and the support they receive from Toybank will surely help them to be smarter and brighter individuals in life.  

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped us conduct this event: Grishma, Hitanshree, Jay & Ami.
 Keep Toybanking :)

Pictures of this event will be uploaded soon. 


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