Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Toybankers!

A rather long one,
the details of your evening.
The range of "activity"
I just kept admiring.

The last few days,
been hectic for me.
Preparing for the Mumbai Marathon
seriously were we.

No ! Not measuring strides
or checking my fitness level.
But figuring out, there,
how best to revel.

"WE" had some magnificent time
thoroughly enjoyed.
Clicking pics with friends n strangers
even cops we didnt avoid.

Tiring it was but
satisfying too.
Luckily we did not need 
to visit the loo.

Shruti n Malhar
joined the parade.
Of the huge crowd 
not a bit afraid.

Niraj, Sonia, Shivangi and Dipti
oh, Did I miss Sid?
He was that day
our biggest KID.

Preeti, the Zumba master
loves crushing me with her hugs.
With such people around
do we need drugs?

Durga, small and petite
actually ran the half !
with a smile on her face 
and NO cramp in her calf.

Shweta and Vikram
the couple, sweet n young,
Keep all of us
together strung.

If I missed some one
intentional it aint.
Please, please, please
dont lodge a complaint.

This Clown may have 
an elephants tummy.
But above the shoulders,
its all DUMMY.

And who are "WE" 
you wonder?
Havent told you yet?
What a big blunder!!!

"TOYBANKers" we are
a unique group.
For some serious fun
you can join our troop. 
thats the site.
Shweta is the founder,
Cool and bright.

Lets catch up 
if not for beer
at least iced-tea !
 Writer: Pravin Tulpule

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Toy Distribution at New Life Learning Centre, 8th Dec 2012, Gurgaon

There it is, on the left side of the wide roads of Gurgaon, lavish hotels show casing the rich and the affluent, with breathtaking display of fountains & lifestyle. Cross the road and you'll be greeted by a broken boundary wall that engulfs automobile workshops, kirana stores and a sprawling slum with muddy ponds and pigs. Look more closely and you'll see some playful faces. These children, come from homes that can just about afford basic food and winter clothing yet they are happy and full of hope. Thanks to an anganwadi cum a learning center run by the New Life church, these children are indeed getting their rightful education and mid day meals. 

The moment we (Deepak Soni, Ashima and I) entered the center, the kids greeted us with a smile "Good Morning". We started with a small round of introductions, followed by a story of "Chatpat Monkey". The story was read out in Hindi and English and the kids were quick to catch the moral. A five minute dance prepared by the kids was presented and it made everyone proud. We then shared a few general knowledge questions about the leaders of India, to which their answer was "humari teacher humein sab kuch padhati hai" :)
Then came the distribution of gifts. Last weekend we had sorted out the gifts collected from various institutions. They were then washed, cleaned and wrapped according to the age groups (thanks to all our toy donors).

Kids received toys along with some sweets brought by the volunteers of the learning center. While we were sipping tea and talking to the teachers, a child came up to us to show his toy-  a Japanese yo yo balloon! His smile made my weekend and I wish to give this message to every privileged Indian that "weekends should not be restricted to having a leisure time for the self, but also to provide a leisure time to those who have never experienced it!

Geetanjali Jain 
(Toybank volunteer - IBM, Noida)

Tuesday, January 08, 2013


Play is an essential part of every child’s life. Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity and physical, cognitive and emotional strength. It allows children to create and explore a world they can master, develop and practice skills they will use throughout their lives and face future challenges.
Taking into consideration how important PLAY is for a child, Acron Group in collaboration with Toy Bank took a step forward to make learning/ schooling more interesting, hence gave several Toys which could be used by the students of various classes ranging from pre- primary to SSC of   St. Francis Xavier’s School – Moira.

The Toys were handed over to the School Principal “Shilpa Sanant”, Head Master “Rev. Fr. Simpliciano” in the presence of student representatives of various classes by the representatives of our Acron Team on 7th January 2013.
Toys like Chess, Chinese Checkers , Engineering – Mechanical kit , Scrabble , Building Blocks, Magical buildings beads , Number Game , Ludo , Memory Game , Cross words , Calculus – Mathematics set for juniors , Mind Twister – construction set , Alpha Numero, etc, were handed over.

The Principal of St.Francis Xavier’s School was very pleased to receive the above mentioned toys. Mrs. Sanant stated “these toys would make teaching and learning more interesting for both the students as well as the teachers. As the toys given are intellectual and hence would definitely help the growth and development of the child. The toys would be used during various classes such games class, technical class etc. and also it would be very useful during the Monsoon season when the child cannot be engaged in outdoor activities”. 

The Acron team holds great pride in contributing to every child’s growth, in the smallest way we can through St.Francis Xavier’s School, Moira.

To catch more glimpse of the event just click here

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Distribution at Spoorthy Foundation (Hydrabad)

Toybankers from IBM (Hydrabad) conducted a distributions event at Spoorthy Foundation. 135 toys were distruted to the lesser priviledge children. A big thank you to Suresh and his team.

Catch a glimpses of their happy moments...

Toybanking at Teach for India

Toybank partnered with Teach for India to establish a Toy Library at Umeedbhai Patel School in Malad.

On the 8th of December,2012, Toybankers and Teach for India volunteers conducted a teacher training session for the Pre-primary, Primary & Secondary teachers at Umeedbhai Patel School.
The teachers were trained on how to manage the toy library and on all the board games bought to the library. All the teachers were very enthusiastic, and were enjoying the training session. 

This toy library will be accessed by children of the school from the pre-primary up till the 7th standard.
Toybank has donated 126 educational board games to this library, and will keep adding newer board games after every three months.

Toybankers will visit the library twice every month to interact with the children and play fun-filled board games with them.

To volunteer at our Toy Library at Umeedbhai Patel School in Malad, contact or call 9699468235.

Click here to view more pictures