Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Cracked a BIG DEAL! 3096 smiles in 2 days :)

Toybank reaches to one of the most vulnerable section in Ahmednagar by setting 16 toy libraries covering 3096 children in the month of September.
These kids are from Snehalaya – an organization who is working hard to get them out of the negative environment. Our toy libraries will be part of Snehalaya’s Balbhavans – a project working towards the education and health of the kids.  

Toybank team conducted two days workshop on Power of Play for 35 teachers of Snehalaya. Our training focused on the importance of play in every child’s life and how it plays a big role in their overall development.

Within the two days we demonstrated each and every game to the teachers and also conducted play session at one of their center. We now wait to go back and visit them soon….Only to see them play! 

Miles to go!

Toybank started its work in Wada few years ago with the set up 4 toy libraries in government school. And now we stand at 18 toy libraries!
There are so many children out there who are still in need of PLAY!

When we step into the rural schools we hardly find any play materials for the kids. All they know are some outdoor games like kho- kho, kabaadi and hide & seek. To our surprise even a game like snakes and ladder is alien to these kids.

Looking at the current scenario, we have expanded our work in more 6 government schools in Wada, through which we will be providing access to 751 kids.

We have just started, still miles to go!

Time to go back!

Two years back we had set up 12 toy libraries for the kids of Wada in Palghar district. These toy libraries are providing access to play to 3209 kids.  In the last month Toybank team has replenished new set of games & toys for these kids.

When we started these toy libraries, the kids were hardly exposed to different types of play.This time when we entered the schools they were thrilled to see some new games in their toy libraries and we also got a chance to play some games with them. They love to play with cone – catch (an outdoor games played in groups) and enjoy making houses out of the block games.

We were happy to listen from the teachers that the kids enjoy playing with the board games and the outdoor games provided to them. The kids now look forward to come to the school; because what they get there is PLAY!