Monday, April 15, 2013

Toybank reaches out in rural Maharashtra

Toybank in collaboration with Impact India Foundation conducted visits to Thane district in the month of March. The locations covered were Palghar, Wada and Vikramgad which included five follow up visits at the old centres (school/ ashramshalas) and five pre-assessment visits at the new centres.

Toybank observed the need to set up libraries in these areas as the children in rural areas have the least access to toys. We will start the implementation process in June ’13.

Women’s day celebration at GE gardens Kanjurmarg, Mumbai.

Women’s Day celebration was a huge affair at The Great Indian Eastern Gardens Society in Kanjurmarg. Toybank was invited to be a part of the celebrations by the Women’s committee of GEG on 8th March, 2013. More than 30 women joined the affair to celebrate womanhood.

The event had females ranging from the age of 5 to 80 where they all came together to share their experience and talent. They gave Toybank a platform to talk about children’s right to play and the need to empathize with the situation of children in our country. The celebration continued till the end of month. It also included a collection drive at GEG.

Toybank is grateful to the GEG Women’s committee for helping us spread our work and message.

Sensitization talk at Human factors (Mumbai), 22nd March 2013

Toybank met the Corporate ‘Human Factors’ team at their Vikroli office. They were a super energetic lot and had the aim of giving joy to children. A sensitization talk was conducted where over 30 employees were involved.

We received an excellent response from the employees and they have decided to conduct a collection drive for Toybank. Few even came forward to go a step ahead and spread the message and drive in their housing societies and their kids’ schools.

We thank Human factors team for providing us with a platform to spread Toybank’s work and message.

Sensitization @ Utpal Shangvi School (Andheri) Mumbai, 20th March 2012

On the fresh afternoon of 20th March, Toybank conducted a sensitization talk for Grade V of Utpal Sanghvi School. The talk was organized to make the students understand the ‘Right to Play’ aspect in every child’s life.

The response from the students was excellent and almost everyone was aware of the issues faced by the children. The presentation included inspiring stories on joy of giving/ sharing. The students themselves felt the need to share joy by sharing their toys with the children who did not enjoy the privilege of owning toys. They took upon themselves the responsibility to spread the message of Toybank amongst their friends and families and have a toy collection drive for us.

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