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Mental Health through Power of Play

Find out why Play is critical to paving the way to a healthy mind... Play is self-care Play evokes memories of childhood like little else. Whether hide-n-seek on family picnics, building sandcastles on the beach, football during lunch hour at school, tea-time in the toy kitchen under grandma’s bed, solving newspaper puzzles every Sunday, putting together a fancy car with empty matchboxes or talking to imaginary animals created by the shadows on the wall - play evokes a feeling of warmth and happiness. Play time has also been about self awareness, self-expression and most importantly, self-care. Every 10th of October, we keep reminding ourselves about the importance of mental health but forget to highlight that one clear path towards mental well-being is defined by play. Mind loves Play Anyone can engage in play. Any place is suitable for play. Any time is a good time to play. Yet not everyone has the opportunity to feel empowered by the power of play. Dr Stuart Brown, internationally

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