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Playful creativity and learning at the Kalaghoda Arts Festival 2019

Growing up is not just a passage of time. It's about development - like a sapling flourishing into a tree. As the tree reaches for the sky, the roots determine how high and far it will go. The root is where it all begins, and remains till the end. After all, we call it ‘uprooting’ for a reason.

This year at the Kalaghoda Arts Festival (KGAF), Toybank raised awareness about the Power of Play through an intricately designed sculpture and two children's workshops filled with playful creativity and learning.
In tune with the festival's theme, A measure of time, we collaborated with sculptor Arzan Khambatta and Interior Design students from Rachna Sansad to build a sculpture that represents Play's role in growing up. From hunting for cycle scraps, finding a studio, welding in the parts, transporting it to the festival and setting it up overnight - bringing this sculpture together was an absolute adventure!
We collaborated with students to bring this sculpture together so as to…

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