Friday, January 15, 2016

HEARDS members would really want to thank Toy Bank for donating toys towards HEARDS Child labor rehabilitation centers.  We started to utilize the toys donated by you which really found to be so interesting.  As per my observation I have found that toys and games not only amuse children, but also stir their imagination, stimulate creative instinct and spontaneous thinking. They also sharpen the child’s reasoning enlarge his/ her vision, encourage free flow of thoughts, improve observation power and concentration. Some toys and games test speed and perception. Some others teach discipline, honesty, truth, courage, etc .and develop the spirit of co-operative competitiveness. I found after utilizing these toys an interesting fact as long as the human society realizes this basic truth, it will remain incomplete. HEARDS will certainly intend fillings this void.
HEARDS will certainly realize its importance because all these days we were teaching non-formal and formal education through easy based learning methodologies but now we started to realize that we need to include toys are one of the most effective teaching aid.  I also realized that our children at our rehabilitation centers feel that the toys and games will stimulate the child’s perception and imagination, encourage their mental development and this process will create the process of learning with more greater fun.

Our organization believes that today’s children are tomorrow’s pillars of strength, and hence anything done for them is never adequate enough. This is an innovative step towards rehabilitation of child laborers which were not taken as a component since decades of working on child labor rehabilitation.  Certainly the toys will be utilized in a more efficient way in the future and come out with more objectives.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Toybank partnership with Family Service Center


The toys were very well received by the kids and he seemed to have lit a spark of excitement in them which was immeasurable. The kids applauded loudly as the toy distribution began as the kids gazed with wonder and the happiness could be seen in their gleaming eyes.  We spread joys on 70 kids across Uttan with the help of Family service center. FSC is a non- profit, secular and unbiased organization, which assist women and children in difficult situations

Toybank partnership with Bal Jeevan Trust

Children are like little seeds, which blossom over the ages. A seed requires water and soil, while children require toys so to fulfill that Toybank have set up a toy Library in Santacruz to provide an environment and manure for the kids which have yielded to 95 kids being provided it. Bal Jeevan Motto is better the lives of Mumbai’s rag picking children, the not-for-profit Bal Jeevan Trust works relentlessly to improve their nutrition, education, health, and general self worth which these children have lost.

Toybank partnership with Aangan Trust

We spread smiles on 300 kids on dated 16th September 2015, who have been exposed to different scenarios at very young ages like 9-10 years.This is the shaping years of the children at Aangan Trust an NGO at Reay Road.

Reay road a place where the underbelly of Mumbai resides and is the most vulnerable to crime scenes.This is the place where we got a chance to spread the smiles on 300 kids.The innocent faces blossomed with smiles when toys were handed to them. Like a little tree with saplings we wish to see them bloom and blossom like flowers.

Toybank partnership with CORP

We have spread towards the North of Mumbai by spreading Smiles on innocent faces of 98 kids at CORP in Virar on 22nd July 2015.Our volunteers worked hard to help the children in the organization understand and play the game with ease.The 98 children’s remorse and saddened vanished away within seconds and their tiny hands were filled with mystery packets,which they were eager to open. We also opened Toy Libraries on dated 21st May 2015 at Thane and Ambernath,where we can see the children blossom like flowers with the help of toys.

Spreading smiles on 2300 kids

9/9/15 what a day!! 2300 smiles and 12 centers opened

Toys are our childhood treasures. We played with them,learned with them even lived with them. Rich toys make the childhood memories colorful. There are kids out there who are deprived of this basic privilege. Shouldn’t we help them out? Yes, we started our day in that note and participated and Set up a new Library at Gandhi Bal Mandir School, Kurla .We spread smiles on 1450 kids and showed them ways to play new games and played with them.

We also set up 2 new libraries at Bandra with the help of YMCA where jubilation was spread to 300 kids with the help of 6 centers.We had massive teachers training – call “Power of Play workshop” for 23 teachers from three partnering NGO’s named YMCA,Ashadeep Association and YUVA.

We spread joy to 550 kids with the help of 3 centers in Cosmos school,Borivali.These kids are from very poor socio-economic condition.Toybank is happy to give them,their right to play.

Snehasadan - Toy Library set up

This time we have partnered with Snehasadan and spread joys and jubilation to 60 kids in 3 centers across Jogeshwari and Borivali on dated 21st August 2015. Our Volunteers are having regular play session with children. This helps them to learn different games and stressed out from the problematic situation.Snehasadan is a non-governmental organization that provides a Home and a future for homeless street children in Mumbai, India. These homes have given them a chance to escape life on the streets, gain access to shelter, education and a future, and above all find a home and a family where before there was none. 

Toy Libraries for Special Children
As the name suggests we have given toys to 26 children at Bhayender on dated 31st July 2015. The kids have received a set of toys which has left a deep smile on the faces of the special children. Our Volunteers taught the children different games and played with them. Ashray Akruti foundation is a special school for the differently able children, who are not exposed to different genre of gaming like Board games or puzzles.

Gharkul Trust also operates on similar grounds and we have got a chance to spread joy and merriment on the faces of 45 children across Santacruz by setting up 1 Toy Library.  We set up a toy library at Gharkul Trust in the month of June 2015.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Elation at Bhau Saheb Kadam School

What is better than rain poring outside and tiny innocent kids playing? So for that we too have setup our new center on dated 28th July 2015 at Bhau Saheb Kadam School, Tardeo and spread up joys and smiles on 305 kids on 1 center across Tardeo. During the setup we also conducted toy library functions and taught the children to play different varieties of board games.

Felicity in Trombay, Mankhurd

This time we have partnered with ADM (Abhinav Dhyan Mandir) on 21st October 2015 and spread euphoria to more than 350 kids. We set up 3 new centers with different games like Board Games, Outdoor games or Puzzles. Monopoly attracted a lot of attention in this center. Our Volunteers interacted and realized the hardships faced by kids in life.

Spreading smiles on 485 kids

Andheri our new Toy Library Hub!!!

This time we have partnered with MUMBAI SMILES and spread joys and merriment to many kids. We have set up 10 sectors in the month of September and 6 in the month of October. Our Volunteers worked hard to help the children in the organization understand and play the game with ease.

Way to spread jubilation in Kids life

This time we spread our message to the kids in Shindewadi Municipal School in Dadar. We have given  a everlasting smile to about 30 kids and showing them that people care for them .We also have trained new teachers to  help the kids understanding the games and showing them how to play  games  and helps  connecting with them and understanding their hard life.

Power Women

We have set up a new Toy Library at Women’s India trust, Panvel on dated 28th October 2015. WIT mobilizes the under privileged and turning the unskilled women to skilled workers which is especially for the women. This time we have melted away all the burden and hardships faced by their children. We have decided to recreate their childhood and we wish to see their smiles on their faces by our toy libraries. 

The Joys of Smiles on Children’s Faces

This time on 28th October 2015, we have spread across the Mumbai suburban area in collaboration with Humara Bachpan a Non Profit Organization. We have given 275 children their lost childhood, happiness and joy. When we visited the centers, we were greeted by a packed audience and energy filled children who were looking at us eagerly. When the children received the toys one long and everlasting smile filled their innocent faces.

Spreading of Joy and Merriment continues
The festive season is here and we too have setup our new center in YWCA. This time we have spread joy on 60 kids across 2 centers spread across Mira Road and Chembur on dated 28th October 2015. The kids have received a set of toys which has left a deep smile on their faces. These children have received toys to help them bring back their lost childhood. During the setup we also conducted training with center teachers on toy library functions.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Cracked a BIG DEAL! 3096 smiles in 2 days :)

Toybank reaches to one of the most vulnerable section in Ahmednagar by setting 16 toy libraries covering 3096 children in the month of September.
These kids are from Snehalaya – an organization who is working hard to get them out of the negative environment. Our toy libraries will be part of Snehalaya’s Balbhavans – a project working towards the education and health of the kids.  

Toybank team conducted two days workshop on Power of Play for 35 teachers of Snehalaya. Our training focused on the importance of play in every child’s life and how it plays a big role in their overall development.

Within the two days we demonstrated each and every game to the teachers and also conducted play session at one of their center. We now wait to go back and visit them soon….Only to see them play! 

Miles to go!

Toybank started its work in Wada few years ago with the set up 4 toy libraries in government school. And now we stand at 18 toy libraries!
There are so many children out there who are still in need of PLAY!
When we step into the rural schools we hardly find any play materials for the kids. All they know are some outdoor games like kho- kho, kabaadi and hide & seek. To our surprise even a game like snakes and ladder is alien to these kids.

Looking at the current scenario, we have expanded our work in more 6 government schools in Wada, through which we will be providing access to 751 kids.

We have just started, still miles to go!

Time to go back!

Two years back we had set up 12 toy libraries for the kids of Wada in Palghar district. These toy libraries are providing access to play to 3209 kids.  In the last month Toybank team has replenished new set of games & toys for these kids.

When we started these toy libraries, the kids were hardly exposed to different types of play.This time when we entered the schools they were thrilled to see some new games in their toy libraries and we also got a chance to play some games with them. They love to play with cone – catch (an outdoor games played in groups) and enjoy making houses out of the block games.

We were happy to listen from the teachers that the kids enjoy playing with the board games and the outdoor games provided to them. The kids now look forward to come to the school; because what they get there is PLAY!

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

DATE: 15TH August, 2015, Saturday.

After weeks of preparations and a lot of anticipation, the day that marked the 68th year of independent India, 15th of August finally arrived. It was a day of great joy for the Toybank team as well as the children of Shree Geeta Vidyalaya, Govandi. Many boxes of toys wrapped as gifts were brought in and 65 happy and excited volunteers entered the school that morning with just one aim in mind – to have a beautiful time with the children and share a toy with each one. This mega toy distribution is an event religiously conducted by Toybank every year from the past 10 years, and each year Toybank selects one school from some of the vulnerable places in the society and does its part in making the children a little happy on a very special day. The volunteers and the interns, guided by the team members attended the flag hoisting ceremony and the small performances by the children, while carrying out the process of placing boxes filled with toys in each classroom, encouraging the children to truly enjoy themselves freely and constructively through creative and competitive indoor games. These play sessions went on for almost two hours by which time all the children were waiting with excitement to receive their gifts from the boxes. This is when the clown arrived in the class and very uniquely, through the use of humor, taught the children a few important life lessons which had to sink in the minds and hearts of every child present. Finally, when the toy distribution started, all children were called one by one and asked their ambition and aspiration in life, for which few of them came up with very unique and impressive answers. They were each given one modestly wrapped gift after which they proceeded home. The event ended with Mrs. Shweta Chari addressing her gratitude and excitement for all the contributions and participation by everyone that made this event such a success.

Monday, August 17, 2015

                                                       Teachers training – CORP         
The toybank organization had yet another interesting fun and learning teacher’s training event at CORP, Matunga center between 2pm to 5pm on 24th July 2015. The event was conducted to train the 27 teachers how to deal with the children in all kinds of various games and learning programmes.
Some of the games introduced to the Staffs of CORP were Ice breaking game, a game to let the children get to know each other and be familiar with their interests. Passing of ball, a game, where children are divided into two groups and made to form respective lines. Then they are to pass the ball upwards and behind for both of the groups. The group which completes to pass the ball from the first person in the line to the last, earlier than the other group, is declared the winner. Mathematical Problem Solving, Kids are made to solve simple problems which are written and pasted on the walls. Sharing experiences, when the game time is over, the children are made to share their learning and describe the fun they had during their playtime. Also they could talk about the games and sports they use to indulge in during their childhood. The types of games are Strategic /competitive games, Creative/ constructive games, Physical exercise games, Soft toys, Discovery games, Role play: Firstly, the staffs are divided into some groups; each group gets to pick a chit from the lot. The chit contains a particular story to be acted. According to their story, each group performs their role.
After the games come to an end, feedback forms were handed out. Then, videos of the organisation were shown to the attending staffs. The event closed with the distribution of certificates of participation followed by a vote of thanks from both Organisations.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

 Toys are our childhood treasures. We played with them, learned with them even lived with them. Rich toys make the childhood memories colorful. There are kids out there who are deprived of this basic privilege. Shouldn’t we help them out? Yes, we started our day in that note and participated in the toy sorting event. 

           It was a sunny day and people gathered around 10’0 clock in the morning. Shruti from TOYBANK had presided the gathering. She helped us to form multiple groups with group of 4 each. She gave the instructions of what we were supposed to do to fulfill the dreams of those kids. All the required toys were gathered before we reached the place. Those toys were donated ones and various other charities had helped in gathering them. We had to sort the toys and pick the ones which almost look new. We had to throw the ones which were not usable and separate the toys which needed to washed and cleaned. The intention of the TOYBANK is truly appreciable. They make sure that those children get the best new possible toys so that they wouldn’t feel low.
        The activity was initially bit cumbersome since we were confused which one to choose, which one to throw. Shruti was of huge help which made our day easier. We eventually got hold of it and sorted out the toys. Some of us showed interest in packing, some in checking and some helped in manual works which was good to see. Comparing with your monotonous work Meeting new people, engaging in new activities and above all that nostalgic feeling of the toys gave us different experience.

         There were totally 9 teams. We approximately packed 70 toys. We spent around 3 hours. We finally ended our day with yummy lunch. Both of our hearts and tummies filled up. We had a group photo before we left for the day and it would be one of the reminder of our memorable day in our life.

Magic Show & Toy Distribution Event at YUVA, Mankhurd

We Toybank team arrived at YUVA, Mankhurd by three in the afternoon on 4th of July 2015, to notice a room full of about 90-110 children of ages varying from 5-18 years who were eagerly waiting for us to arrive. We met the centre in charge Prakash sir who gave us a background about the children present there. Pravin (Magician) was about to visit the centre and perform as a magician for the kids. The kids were very excited to know that there would be a magician performing as for them it would be a first time event for them and being from a poor family it is difficult for them to afford these types of performances.
We engaged the kids in games like Idli wada dosa, Fire on a mountain run run run and Passing the parcel to get familiarized with kids, the kids seemed to enjoy the games a lot but as soon as they heard that Pravin had arrived they ran to receive him, all of them seemed very enthusiastic and wanted the magic show to start right away. The magician (Pravin) was very well received by the kids and he seemed to have lit a spark of excitement in them which was immeasurable. The kids applauded loudly as the magic show began, the magician began with his mind boggling tricks as the kids gazed with wonder and shouted with joy with each trick, the happiness could be seen in their gleaming eyes. The cheers seemed to grow with each trick the magician performed be it the pulling out flowers from a rod or making a Chinese fan only with sticks. Towards the end of the show he performed a trick in which he acted as a person whose leg is stuck in a box and how he found it difficult to get his leg out of it. He emphasized on the fact that how difficult it was to get his foot out of the box and asked the students to call Prakash sir (The Centre In charge) to help him, then with the help of Prakash sir he was able to get his leg out of the box easily. He then correlated this with the problems of smoking and drinking and explained how it is difficult to get rid of these habits, and ranged it to the fact that if a student faces a problem he or she should contact their sir for help and they together can get out of it easily. This was a very dynamic way of explaining the kids about the ill that comes from smoking and drinking and children looked to have accepted this fact very well.

 After this we started with the toy distribution in which we asked Pravin and Prakash sir to give the toys to the children and Toybank team also distributed some toys. One of the most emotive moments came at the time when we were leaving the centre as the children urged us to visit them more frequently as they had a very joyful time.