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How aggression and early childhood development are connected

When we read about violence, like in the Sathankulam custodial death cases of Jayaraj-Bennix, we often wonder where that anger came from. What the history behind this act is. How could this person even begin to think like this and do something so gruesome? Truth be spoken, these behavior patterns develop over the years. They start early. They stem from behavior patterns from our childhoods. Watching a sibling slap a friend over a bag of chips could lead to young adults kicking up an innocent person in a back alley to a professional policeman slashing a rod into a victim's body parts.
Yes. This is a reality. Yes, there are years of research and evidence to support this. And no, we won't be silent about this. No, we won't just simply jail the criminal and let this remain a closed case not to be spoken about again. No, we won't just remain silent spectators to small acts of violence that magnify later. As I read this article in The Printwhere the policemen (adults) have been…

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