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Bombay Central Teacher Training Session - Sarthak Dalal

The recent teacher training session at Bombay Central was a very humbling and eye-opening experience for me. It was the first teacher training session I participated in as a volunteer with Toybank. I was a little nervous before it began. Throughout the session, I was learning ways to effectively communicate and lead people who I cannot directly speak with because of a language barrier (note that I am a Junior in High School living in the US – volunteering with Toybank India). I appreciate the teachers who give their whole lives to educate the special needs children and ensure that they lead a relatively successful life. Watching them do their work touched my heart. We first started off by setting up the toys and the posters and projector for the power point presentation. This required me to walk around the school multiple times to get the necessary materials from one room to another. As I was moving the objects, I noticed the poor conditions that the students went to school in, but al…

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