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PLAY2SMILE: Play2Smile (P2S) is a collaborative initiative under Toybank-The Opentree Foundation. Toybank collaborates with hospitals and pediatric centers to offer the power of play to children undergoing treatments. At Toybank we realize that when children are admitted, their usual routines are disrupted. Some of them are separated from their families and other familiar people or spaces for periods of time. Play2Smile provides access to Play to children by setting up Play2Smile centers basis the need assessment of the various spaces. Play therapy helps children with trauma resolution, social integration, growth and development, and emotional modulation.
The objectives of Play2Smile create an environment where stress and anxiety are reducedcatering to the emotional and mental needs of the individualfacilitate appropriate channels of communication between the patient, the family and relevant health care professionals;(Individual – patient/caregiver/ family members)
Through the P2S initiati…

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