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World Play Day, Play2Learn Session and more in May

A few children from Latur played at the Toybank Play2Learn Center after more than a year M ay always has us more excited as World Play Day is celebrated on the 28th of the month. Even though children continue to be indoors, Play must go on, no matter what. So, we encouraged them to prioritize playtime in their daily routine with the Toybank Play Planner that they filled up and shared with us. Greater joy came from receiving photos of a physical Play2Learn Session from Latur where children played together after more than a year. During a ration distribution drive at a Zilla Parishad school, a few children accompanying their parents saw the board games at our Play2Learn Center and requested to Play as they missed playtime. With their masks on, they got together to create a model of a neighborhood with blocks. While these children could play together, Toybank Buddy Program had our volunteer Prabhutva and Small Buddy Prakash discussing important life lessons through child-friendly animated

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