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Play for Transformation: Toybank Round Table Discussion Part II

Read Play for Transformation: Part I.

While the panelists identified why Play is undervalued in India, they also discussed the need for a systemic change to make it mainstream.

More government initiatives to promote Play Apart from parents and teachers appreciating the significance of Play in a child’s life, there’s a need for more government initiatives to promote it. Play also needs to permeate into rural areas where children are usually idle and easily manipulated into bad habits and social evils. To catch the attention of a larger populace, there’s a requisite for a driver or an evangelist. The message has to hit home to multiple stakeholders. Mainstreaming Play would include how that is achieved. The larger the message, the more successful the endeavor would be.
Link outcomes of Play to families and communities Sumangali Gada averred that constituencies like toy manufacturers, libraries or organizations working in the space of Play need to pick a common message and tie it all toge…

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