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Reimagining Child-friendly Spaces| Toybank Bridge Series Webinar II

I n the first webinar of the Toybank Bridge Series, Gen T: The Generation that Thrives , our panelist and Play2Learn Center child Prince Yadav expressed that the authorities need to facilitate opportunities for children to have easy access to learning and play. The thought set the tone of our second webinar, Reimagining Child-friendly Spaces.—In Conversation with Ratan Batliboi and Arzan Khambatta .  On December 10, to observe Human Rights Day and remind people of children’s Right to Play, eminent architect Ratan Batliboi, artist-sculptor and an architect himself Arzan Khambatta chatted with Tobank CEO and Founder Shweta Chari about why children need to be included while creating child-friendly spaces.  Playing is like breathing Moderated by drama teacher, actor and acting coach Shaun Williams, the webinar started with calling out why play is so important. Shweta said, “Play is like the air we breathe but never pay attention to. If kids don’t play, what kind of people will they grow up

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