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Toybank has Moved Mountains

Written by Toybanker, Ashima Khemka “Blessed are those, who have a calling” - That is all I felt when I said yes to Chozin, who wrote to me in December 2018 to request for some toys and games for the rural primary schools in the Nyoma block of Changthang, Ladakh. Within a span of 15 days, I was able to collect some 200 educational toys & games that were immediately transported to those high mountains by the student volunteers of SAVE - The Student’s Association for Village Education, Nyoma.

Within the next few weeks, the mountains got buried in snow and some of the volunteers traveled down to the plains – that’s when I met two of them, Thinles & Chozin. Over a steaming plate of chai & samosa in the middle of Delhi winters, I could feel the energy that they carried within. Even though they had an option to live in these comfortable cities, yet they wanted to head back & give back to their land and their people. Every word they spoke was full of hope & positivity. T…

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