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Toys and Games all the way from Washington!

I have always felt a strong connection to the community of Mumbai, where I spent my childhood, even though I do not live there anymore. Though I now live in Washington D.C., I still consider Mumbai my home. Ever since I was two years old and living there, I have looked for ways to improve my city and what I can do to for the people there. In Mumbai, there is a large divide of the privileged and the underprivileged, and many people who are privileged ignore the others when their resources can help those in need. I was a hands-on volunteer with Toybank in the summer of 2017. After spending time in a part of Mumbai that I was not too familiar with, I learned about the culture of the people in those smaller communities and had grown close to the children I worked with. Each child I met, irrespective of their background, had sparks of hope, ambition and unmeasurable potential. This potential could not go unnoticed or ignored, so I decided to do what I could do to help Toybank achieve thei…

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