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Play your cards well while social distancing

You don’t need a lot to have fun as you stay cooped up at home, being a responsible citizen and doing your bit in preventing COVID-19 from spreading. In the previous post, we listed out board games you can play while in social isolation. But, in case you can't get a hold of those, bring out that deck of cards and play on with your family. Here are the fun games most Indian households have played at one time or the other. 
Rummy This card game uses a ‘drop-and-discard’ style and is played with 13-21 cards/multiple decks. The aim is to make sets and sequences using the cards in your hand and finishing before the rest of the players. The game requires methodical thinking and improves analytical skills. It can be played by 2- 6 players of all ages. Bluff/ChallengePlayed by any number of people, in this game, all the cards are equally distributed among the players. A player then throws up to four cards, calling out the set (four queens, 3 kings, 2 jacks, and so on). He’s either telling th…

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