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Playfully Back to School

How would you feel if post a long summer vacation you were welcomed back to school with a classroom filled with games? Excited and joyful, right? That’s precisely how children across Maharashtra felt as teachers used games from Toybank’s Play2Learn Centres to welcome children back to school.    Teachers arranged games across the classroom for children to begin their school year learning through play. In Mumbai, children walked into classrooms full of games from our Play2Learn Centres. These games were divide into categories such as language building, cognitive development, and mathematical practice to excite children about what to expect this academic year. After long school closures and the digital divide, teachers noticed a high level of learning regression in children. “Two years of the pandemic has drastically affected the learning levels of our students. Our 3rd graders are at the learning levels of 1st grade students. But we see them learning and picking up concepts faster durin

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