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5 games to build empathy in children

Empathy is an important life skill that must be inculcated in children early on. Thus, fostering it finds an important spot at Toybank Play2Learn Sessions.  While peace is our capacity to solve conflicts without violence, empathy is a virtue that makes us human and the world needs in abundance . This emotion is not just about one’s own feelings but it also helps us understand and share what someone else is going through. Even though innate, empathy develops over a period of time. Social-emotional skills play a crucial role in connecting one with other people and building healthy relationships through empathy. The ability to connect with others at an emotional level should be taught at a young age when kids learn the best.  Interacting with others through Play is known to be among the most effective ways to build social-emotional skills and thus empathy in children. Toybank here’s a look at games that can make kids more empathetic, as they stay away from peer groups and playspaces durin

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