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Can we have fun learning math?

Mathematics can be very overwhelming for most children and we've seen this at our Play Centers as well. Sometimes the children want to steer away from math-based games which involve calculations and heavy use of their brains. Given the atmosphere of competition and high rank benchmarks that look over our children, its rare to find children enjoying their studies and lessons, especially mathematics.

Last Friday, on May 3rd, Toybank's welfare and inventory team were taken into a completely innovative world of learning and practicing math. Aamod Karkhanis, the director of Nova Via educational tools and games conducted a workshop for our team to train us into using the math-based games designed by Nova Via. The workshop was a treasure of learning methods, interesting historical facts about math and mathematicians and interesting stories about why these games were made and how the idea came about.

Understanding learning capacities

Our workshop began with a cup of chai, refreshing o…

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