Thursday, October 28, 2010

Toybank and GREAT foundation distribute toys to schools in Pune!

On 23rd of October, Toybankers in Pune set out to distribute toys to around 240 children from 2 schools in Pune!

Volunteers from GREAT Foundation and Toybank gathered at the Dr. Ambedkar School around 9:30 am. Toybank volunteers Preethi and Avni were introduced to the school Principal and teachers. Toybankers briefed the teachers and volunteers about Toybank and the way the distribution drives are carried out in schools. Then the volunteers proceeded to segregate the toys for the respective classes.

Volunteers interacted with the children, distributed toys and biscuits to 107 children at Dr. Ambedkar school, and also gave about 15-20 toys to the school's Balwadi!

While Preethi and Avni continued with the event at Dr. Ambedkar School, Jaslene and Utpala from GREAT foundation went to Mahadji Shinde School to distribute toys and biscuits to 130 more children at Mahadji Shinde School.

The principal and teachers at the schools appreciated the efforts of Toybank and Great Foundation.Volunteers enjoyed interacting with the children and distributing the toys!

Here's what the volunteers had to say post the event:

Utpala from Great Foundation:
"It indeed was a wonderful day as seeing the children’s happy faces felt simply great!
Thanks to Toybank, all the volunteers, Avni, Preethi and Jaslene. It was a memorable event."

Jaslene from Great Foundation:
"I wish to extend a big thank you to all Toybank volunteers who helped make the event possible. Thanks once again and Wish you all a very happy Diwali."  

Avni from Toybank:
"It has been a pleasure associating with Great Foundation. We would like to thank Jaslene and Utpala for the support in the transport of toys and the arrangements for the distribution event. Toybank is happy to bring a smile to the children from Ambedkar School and Mahadji Shinde School."

Catch all the smiles here ! Also find a blogpost from GREAT foundation on the event!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Beautiful Day for Toybankers in Delhi!

Toybankers in Delhi had an awesome toy distribution event in Gurgaon yesterday. This was our 3rd event in Delhi/NCR and we reached out to 35 children from the NewLife Aanganwadi.

During some of our events we have observed that since all volunteers don't make it on time, either due to traffic jams or because they are new to the area around the venue, we don't make most of the orientation meetings due to time constraints.

Yesterday, we had a different scene altogether. Most of our volunteers reached on time and so we had a really good volunteer orientation meet. We thank all the 7 volunteers, out of which 6 of them volunteered with us for the first time! 

Children arrived and settled down in their classroom - a huge tree in the slum colony, opposite a very posh Hamilton Court, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon. They sat down with their books and bags on the mats and after sometime started the event with a prayer.

We wanted to do something different during this event. So instead of the usual song-dance, we brought in Kho-Kho. Yes! We taught all the children how to play Kho-Kho, thanks to the open area around their classroom we had hell of a time! 

Catch all the Kho-Kho action here!

We thank the donor Fatima Pais, Senior Manager - Corporate Communications, Ericsson who sponsored the Parle-G biscuit packs for the children. She's been our donor for the first event too. Thanks Fatima for your continuous support!

Volunteers and the children really enjoyed playing Kho-Kho and this really formed a good start to the day! We went on hear some really good and funny rhymes too.

We thank the employee toy donors from IBM for their generous toy donations. It was a beautiful day for all of us at Toybank.

NGO Speak:

Here's what Roli from NewLife had to say after the event:
"It was indeed a great experience to have your team come to Anganwadi, Gurgaon. All the kids enjoyed your presence and the gifts/toys you brought for them. I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to Swetha and the entire team for having a heart and passion towards the under privileged children of Anganwadi at DLF, Gurgaon. Once again, would like to convey my heartiest love and thanks to the entire Toybank for their unparalleled support and would like to have a long lasting relationship with your organization."
Volunteer Speak:
Here are a few experiences and moments shared by our volunteers:

Aseem Singla, a volunteer who's been with us at two of our events in Delhi/NCR :
"A warm thanks to you for giving all of us such an opportunity to work for a social cause especially the cheerful childhood of desolate faces. We are getting vibrant and enthusiastic event by event and experienced too :). I don't think there was any gap left unbridged in our last event on Saturday. We really did well, got properly engaged with others and above all, children were actively involved in each and every activity.
Wishing all the family members of Toybank a very good luck and heartiest wishes for DIWALI." 

Jayanta first time volunteer at Toybank:
"The event was organized very well.I am  very much grateful to all of you for your contribution to such a wonderful event.For me, I started my volunteering again and first time in NCR." 

Nitin, a first time volunteer at Toybank:
"Imagine when you were a child and your parents surprised you with a new toy. Your joy would knew no bounds.That's how the kids of Aanganwadi felt when they were gifted with toys and I could regain my childhood days when I used to get toys as gifts from my known ones. Spending time with the kids of varying age was a great experience and I could regain my childhood rhymes which our parents and teachers taught us.It was fun playing kho kho and listening to their soft voice and seeing their shyness on face, which came when they were brought infront of others to recite a song or a rhyme. Hearing their likes and dislikes, their goals in life- some want to be teacher,some doctor, some like hindi and some english as their favorite subjects but one thing was common among all: everyone liked playing and after gifting them toys, the happiness that came on their faces was worth seeing.

I wish I were a child again to enjoy these moments of playing with toys . I really liked being a part of this get together with kids of Aanganwadi and would definitely like to get involved in future activities of Toybank. I would like to thank Swetha for giving me this opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful event with touched my heart deeply and I believe that its duty of each and everyone of us to help the needful in whatever ways that is possible and within our reach. I hope we can get more and more people involved in volunteering activities and spread this noble cause to not just Gurgaon or Delhi but to every part of the country so that no child remains deprived of a toy which is his
right to have.

Pravesh, a first time volunteer at Toybank:
"It was great meeting all of you at Anganwadi yesterday.  It was my first event I attended in Gurgaon. Playing kho kho with the children was indeed a lot of fun! Also, I have attended some social events before where books and clothes (Goonj!) were distributed to children but the best part was the cheerful faces I saw when they were opening their toys. Yo Toybank!"

Friday, October 22, 2010

Toybank Pune visits Ambedkar Primary School!

Party time is here! 

Toybank Pune joins our Delhi and Mumbai chapters to make 23rd Oct an awesome day for all of us! All the 3 cities host toy distribution events tomorrow to around 330 children!

Toybank Pune is gearing up for it's 3rd event this year. We have reached out earlier this year to children from Ratnagiri and successfully set up a toy library in Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital!

Join us for our 3rd distribution event with the children from Ambedkar Primary School, which is one of the schools listed for the programmes taken up by the
Global Research Education and Training (GREAT) Foundation . GREAT Foundation runs many programmes for school children in Pune.

Date and Time: 23rd Oct, Saturday.
9 30 AM - 10 AM: Volunteer Orientation
10 30 AM - 11 30 AM: Fun event with children followed by toy distribution.

Venue: Ambedkar School (Please click the link for the route map)
No of Children: 200. Aged 4 years to 9 years.

Please confirm your presence by sending an email to

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Toybank Delhi visits children from Newlife, Gurgaon!

Toybankers in Delhi had an amazing time during our first 2 distribution events with children from Mobile Creches (Gurgaon) and Pankhudi Foundation (Delhi). And we are back in action with our 3rd event this weekend!

Join us for our 3rd distribution event with an anganwadi in Gurgaon. This anganwadi has been set up by Newlife Fellowship Church.They have another centre in Devilal Colony, Gurgaon.

A teacher visits the centre everyday between 2-4 PM and teaches children from the nearby areas with fundamental basics on reading and writing. Most of the children at the centre don't go to a school. A landlord in the area has let a part of his land to be set up as the centre under a tree in his land.

Date and Time: 23rd Oct, Saturday.
10 AM - 10 30 AM: Volunteer Orientation
10 30 AM - 12 PM: Fun event with children followed by toy distribution.

Venue: Newlife Anganwadi
           Near Cafe Mocha, Opposite Hamilton Court, Near Galleria,
           DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon

No of Children: 35. Aged between 5 years and 15 years.

Public Transport Hints
Use Delhi Metro to find out the nearest station to reach the venue.

Please confirm your presence by sending an email to before 22nd of Oct.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ingersoll Rand and Toybank visit children from Parivartan Shikshan Sanstha

Corporates all over India encouraged their employees to donate, contribute and give during the JOG week. And Ingersoll Rand is one of those corporates who organized a toy collection drive for Toybank.

These toys are being wrapped this week by Toybankers at the toy storage space offered by our generous donor - Kaymo. And the toys will be distributed to 100 children from Parivartan Shikshan Sanstha on 23rd of Oct by employee volunteers from Ingersoll Rand. 

Parivartan was set up in 1997 by Shakil Ahmed and is currently running two centres within the Sangam Nagar Wadala slums, providing non-formal education to children who do not attend school due to issues that surround social, political and gender discrimination.

Toy Wrapping Session:
Date: 21st Oct, 12 - 2 PM
Venue: Kaymo Fastener Co,
Mahalaxmi, Mumbai

Toy Distribution Event:
Date and Time: 23rd Oct,  12 - 1.30 PM
Venue: Wadala East, Mumbai

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Toybank Mumbai has a gala time!

This October Toybank Team in Mumbai is having loads of fun! 

Toybankers visited the Mumbai Mobile Creches centre in Malad on the 11th of October, and distributed toys to 50 children. Thanks to our volunteers - Trupti, Asha and Tushar for making it an entertaining event for the children. We again thank all our toy donors who donated for this distribution.

Here are some beautiful pictures that capture the joy of the children during the distribution event.

Volunteer Speak:
Here's what Tushar, one of our volunteers at the event had to say:
"This was my first time that I volunteered for a noble cause like distributing toys among poor children. I am really thankful to Toybank and appreciate them for motivating people like us and making us aware about the needy.

It's was a great experience when we went to  SK SHIRKE constructions, Ekta Nagar, Malad(w) Mumbai, to distribute toys among the young children of the labourers working there. Initially I was totally clueless as to what I would need to do out there but then my friend, who is already a part of this NGO, explained me about how the things are to be done. It was quite exciting for me as well as I was nervous of committing any mistake, but seriously all that nervousness was gone and it became entire a fun session when I met those children  who seemed to be as clueless as I was.

I had an interaction with each one of them. The children were in the age group of 3-12 years but their behavior seemed to surpass my expectations. They were disciplined, extrovert, creative and I could see their hunger to learn, the need to do something in their lives, really that brought tears in my eyes and I felt like doing something for them which can benefit them or make them happy. I did so by distributing toys to each one of them, looking at the smile on their faces after receiving those toys really made me feel happy for them and I wish to help them more in any possible way."

Toybank and IWC inaugurate Toy Library!

In continuation with our previous post, here's more news from our Toy Library inauguration event from Borivali, Mumbai.

Toybank launched a Toy Library in Mumbai at Vidya Vikas School in association with the Inner Wheel Club of Borivali. The Toy Library was formally inaugurated on the 9th October, 2010, by the District Chairman of The Inner Wheel Club of Borivali Mrs. Indira Kotak.

Catch all the action here !!


Monday, October 11, 2010

Nath's Mumbai Marathon!

Come 2011 and you'll see Toybankers run for Toybank in the Standard Chartered Mumbai 2011 Marathon for the first time!

One of our runners in the marathon will be Nathan Hugh Coll. Nathan's coming all the way from UK to support and run for Toybank!

Here's what Nathan has to say about his run:

"In January 2011 I will be travelling from Worcester, England to Mumbai, India to run the full 42km / 26.2 mile ‘Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon’ on the 16th January to support an extremely worthwhile charity called ‘Toybank’.

This is my first marathon, the training is going really well and I can't wait to run for Toybank! So please sponsor me! :-) You can visit my 'Just Giving' page."

Nathan's also created a group on facebook to create awareness about Toybank and has created an awesome poster for his run!

Friday, October 08, 2010

Toybank's on a roll with Mobile Creches!

Toybank Mumbai volunteers set out on Monday, 11th Oct to distribute toys to 50 children from the Malad Centre of Mumbai Mobile Creches

We have distributed toys to children from Mobile Creches many times in the past few years and we are thrilled to set out and do that again! Read all about our past events with Mobile Creches in Mumbai and Delhi - here

If you are interested to join our toy wagon this Monday, write to us at right away! 

Venue: Construction site in Malad (W)
Date and Time: 11th Oct, 2 - 4 PM

We would like to thank all our toy donors for this event!
  • Seema Achlan - A fellow Toybanker
  • Employees at Sutherland Global Services
  • Raj Khamkar, our 12 year old Toybanker who collected toys from his school
  • Heena Khan
  • Prof. Prasad Joshi

Toy Library opens up in Borivali!

Inner Wheel Club of Borivli and Toybank have joined hands to create a wonderful Toy Library at the Vidya Vikas High School, a Government School in Borivali. 100 educational and fun board games have been donated to the school by us.

Toybank's Founder Shweta Chari visited the school yesterday and spoke to children from each and every class. She stressed the importance of playing, sharing and encouraged the children to make the most of this library. 

The toy library will be formally inaugurated at the school on 9th Oct!

Toybank receives loads of toys through JOG week!

The Joy of Giving Week is a "festival of giving" that aims to bring together Indians all across the country and abroad through different acts of giving - money, time, skills or resources.The goal is to convert it into a fully publicly owned festival, just like Diwali, Holi or Thanksgiving, none of which are owned by anyone. The Week was launched in 2009 and had a successive 2nd year run in 2010!

Many corporates all over India encouraged their employees to contribute during JOG week. K Raheja Group, Marico Industries and Ingersoll Rand joined hands with Toybank and donated toys during this week. Also children from Wadia High School, Mumbai donated toys to Toybank!

A HUGE thank you to all of you! You can also participate in the India Giving Challenge and support Toybank!


Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Toybank Delhi and IBM distribute toys to Pankhudi Foundation!

Toybank Delhi and IBM's On Demand Community organized a toy collection drive in August in all the IBM offices in Delhi/NCR. The toys collected were segregated and wrapped by IBM's employee volunteers.

Working with children through Pankhudi Foundation is one of the initiatives under IBM's ODC. One of the focus areas at Pankhudi is to visit orphanages and special schools for children and volunteer with assistance.

Toybank and IBM volunteers visited Pankhudi's Priyanka camp where Pankhudi's volunteers teach the children from the slums opposite CRRI every Sunday for 2 hours. The programme is mainly focused on teaching English to the children. The children go to a nearby govt school.

We reached around 10 AM on the 26th of Sept and the event went on till 12 30 PM. The kids were a naughtiest bunch we have ever met :) but we had loads of fun and came back happy after distributing the toys to them! Catch all the action here!

Toybank Bangalore wraps them up!

After reaching out to children from Good Neighbors India in Aug to celebrate our 6th anniversary, our Bangalore volunteers met up on 26th Sept to wrap the toys donated by Walt Disney's 'Donate a Toy, Spread some Joy' campaign which happened in July.

A couple of years ago Mr. Gopakumar of Navgati had written to us offering help with space for our toy inventory. Back in 2007-08 Toybank Bangalore had just started its operations and collection drives mostly happened at Corporates. So we did not require a toy inventory. Over the last 3 years our individual toy donors in Bangalore have gradually increased and we had started receiving a lot of requests asking us where to drop the toys. We went back to Gopakumar and he was happy to help us :)

Navgati's office helped us store toys sent by Disney and all our volunteers went there to wrap them up. Volunteers segregated and wrapped toys for 4 NGOs in Bangalore. We will bring you more news on that soon. Watch this space!

We thank Navgati and Mr.Gopakumar for their generosity and we thank all the volunteers for their awesome effort wrapping the toys!