Toybank Mumbai has a gala time!

This October Toybank Team in Mumbai is having loads of fun! 

Toybankers visited the Mumbai Mobile Creches centre in Malad on the 11th of October, and distributed toys to 50 children. Thanks to our volunteers - Trupti, Asha and Tushar for making it an entertaining event for the children. We again thank all our toy donors who donated for this distribution.

Here are some beautiful pictures that capture the joy of the children during the distribution event.

Volunteer Speak:
Here's what Tushar, one of our volunteers at the event had to say:
"This was my first time that I volunteered for a noble cause like distributing toys among poor children. I am really thankful to Toybank and appreciate them for motivating people like us and making us aware about the needy.

It's was a great experience when we went to  SK SHIRKE constructions, Ekta Nagar, Malad(w) Mumbai, to distribute toys among the young children of the labourers working there. Initially I was totally clueless as to what I would need to do out there but then my friend, who is already a part of this NGO, explained me about how the things are to be done. It was quite exciting for me as well as I was nervous of committing any mistake, but seriously all that nervousness was gone and it became entire a fun session when I met those children  who seemed to be as clueless as I was.

I had an interaction with each one of them. The children were in the age group of 3-12 years but their behavior seemed to surpass my expectations. They were disciplined, extrovert, creative and I could see their hunger to learn, the need to do something in their lives, really that brought tears in my eyes and I felt like doing something for them which can benefit them or make them happy. I did so by distributing toys to each one of them, looking at the smile on their faces after receiving those toys really made me feel happy for them and I wish to help them more in any possible way."


DiDo said…
Awesome.... :)

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