Toybank's on a roll with Mobile Creches!

Toybank Mumbai volunteers set out on Monday, 11th Oct to distribute toys to 50 children from the Malad Centre of Mumbai Mobile Creches

We have distributed toys to children from Mobile Creches many times in the past few years and we are thrilled to set out and do that again! Read all about our past events with Mobile Creches in Mumbai and Delhi - here

If you are interested to join our toy wagon this Monday, write to us at right away! 

Venue: Construction site in Malad (W)
Date and Time: 11th Oct, 2 - 4 PM

We would like to thank all our toy donors for this event!
  • Seema Achlan - A fellow Toybanker
  • Employees at Sutherland Global Services
  • Raj Khamkar, our 12 year old Toybanker who collected toys from his school
  • Heena Khan
  • Prof. Prasad Joshi


DiDo said…
Ohhh freak.. m gonna miss this one ..m outta town rite now :(

I have been dying to attend one of the toybank events ..and wen it happens bad luck steps in :(

sumthing coming up again???
Toybank India said…
Oh that's bad. Keep watching this space and there are many more events coming up in Mumbai for 2010!
DiDo said…
more? Greatt..!!

how was the event..m sure it was a bigg success

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