Nath's Mumbai Marathon!

Come 2011 and you'll see Toybankers run for Toybank in the Standard Chartered Mumbai 2011 Marathon for the first time!

One of our runners in the marathon will be Nathan Hugh Coll. Nathan's coming all the way from UK to support and run for Toybank!

Here's what Nathan has to say about his run:

"In January 2011 I will be travelling from Worcester, England to Mumbai, India to run the full 42km / 26.2 mile ‘Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon’ on the 16th January to support an extremely worthwhile charity called ‘Toybank’.

This is my first marathon, the training is going really well and I can't wait to run for Toybank! So please sponsor me! :-) You can visit my 'Just Giving' page."

Nathan's also created a group on facebook to create awareness about Toybank and has created an awesome poster for his run!


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