Monday, January 05, 2015

Toybank ‘s Toy distribution event & Toy library at CORP Centers, Mumbai

Toybank distributed toys to approximately 140 kids in Mumbai in the month of December 2014. The distribution was done at the CORP Grant Road and Kurla centers.  We distributed the toys at CORP Kurla center on 17th December 2014, which had around 15 volunteers from one of our corporate partners. Along with the volunteers Toybank conducted various fun activities for the kids.
Toy distribution event at CORP Kurla Center 

Volunteers distributing toys to the kids at CORP Kurla Center 

Sameer from Toybank Mumbai team distributes the toys to the kids at CORP Grant Road Center (Above ), & kids are having fun playing with him the game called ' Telephone & Receiver' (Below).

The Grant Road center caters to street kids of Byculla & Masid Bunder , where their education is taken care off. Toybank had set up a toy library at this center for the kids and also conduct regular play session, where volunteers help the children learn the games.

Toybank also replaced 27 new games at the CORP Grant Road center and set up a Toy library at their Kurla center which will have around 44 different types of games for approximately 80 kids. 

TOYBANK’S 10TH ANNIVERSARY - 15th November, 2014


Once again Toybank completes a successful journey of spreading fun and joy across the nation through their immense hard work, passion and dedication. This not only includes Ms. Shweta Chari, but also the supporters and volunteers involved behind the scenes for this successful year.
                                  Celebration of Toybank’s 10th Anniversary has marked its importance in the society and the people connected to Toybank.  Ms. Shweta Chari’s, not giving up attitude has made it reach on heights among this nation and is well known for its work in the society. This celebration has not only been a source of enjoyment but also sense of self-actualization for the young minds and a key of encouragement to aspire for their life as well as for the society’s better and successful future.

(After all, it is said; Youth is the future for a better tomorrow.)

We decided to go all out for Toybank's 10th Birthday celebration! Around 400+ friends, Volunteers and supporters of Toybank were present as a part of this grand event. It began with Atul Kasbekar & Purab Kohli giving away prizes to the winners of Toybank's annual photography contest- Click for A Cause. Right from an Art Installation that captured the ethos of our work, to a funky video booth where guests gave their bytes on their favourite toy from their childhood, to a super fun panel discussion anchored by Purab Kohli, followed by a witty speech by Shweta, a classic performance by Vikram (singing two songs by the Beatles), and with 30 kids singing to 'Lakdi ki Kaati', 'Oona Sasa' & 'Kalele' and grand closing note by Trustee Vivek Asrani. The event also saw the release of a fabulous 4 minute film on Toybank's work made by director Prateek Sharma.

Ø             Events as follows:-

  •    Toybank’s Introductory Video
  •    Panel Discussion
  •    Musical Performance
  •    Children Choir
  •    Closing Speech
  •    Vote of Thanks

           Event-1:- A flash back at Toybank’s journey throughout the past few years.

              Event-2:- A panel discussion, which includes some of the most dedicated and passionate souls that        contribute towards the society with full commitment, share their experience about Toybank            throughout   the past 10yrs and note the audience with their heart felt encouraging words.  
The panellists namely;
  •     Indu Rao
  •     Raunak Devjiyani
  •     Vijaya Balaji
  •     MV. Subramanian
  •     Vinay Somani

              Event- 3:- To make this celebration more special a musical performance by;

  •      Mr. Vikram
  •      Mr.Bhushan
  •       Mr. Eddie

      was dedicated for 10th Year anniversary, expressing their joy and love for Toybank’s journey so far.

                  Event- 4:- Toybank means nothing without the joy and smile of young children. However, to fill the empty gap a children choir performed some of the most famous songs in Hindi as well as in African  language. The presence of these children gave a complete ending of this 10th year which made it  memorable and to be cherished.

              Event – 5:- Mr. Vivek Asrani, one of the main supporter of Toybank, disclosed his experience about the integral part of Toybank in the society and gave the young listeners the words of encouragement  and  hard work, to bring a change in this collapsing society and marking them as the pillars for the future  better nation.
 Mr. Vivek Asrani is like a back bone for Toybank because of his huge contribution of a massive storage   capacity for loading unlimited stock of toys. 

           Event – 6:- The celebration concluded with the wise words of Ms. Shweta Chari, by thanking all the  supporters and volunteers of Toybank, for their commitment towards their work and the spirit of  moving on. She expressed her special thanks to the Toybank core team that works behind the scenes to  make every year more memorable and successful one.