Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Toys that bind!

Hello all

We have some really awesome news to end 2009 on a high note! Toybank was featured in the Dec 11th issue of 'Time Out Bengaluru'.

Toybank team thanks 'Time Out Bengaluru' for their wonderful article on how toys can be reused and how different organizations and individuals are working towards it!

'Jingle bells Jingle bells' - Christmas is here!

Toybank Bangalore is back with a bang this Christmas!

Toybankers are visiting around 140 children from Pudukkottai District, Tamilnadu on the 26th of Dec!  This is Toybank Bangalore's 2nd rural distribution event and our toy receiver this month is Association for Bottom Strata which is an organization educating kids at the stone quarry near Pudukkottai.

ABS aims to uplift the Narikkuravar Gypsys, Kuravan community, dalit women and children living in Pudukkottai. ABS is working on forming self-help groups, providing income generating programs, health programs, counseling, and vocational training.

'Jingle Bells Jingle Bells jingle all the way...' :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

We've got mail!

Yes indeed! And guess who has sent Toybank a mail all the way from the US - a cute 4 year old, Zachary!

About 3 months ago we received an email from Zachary's mom Samara requesting details about how she can donate Zachary's toys to children in India. Samara wanted Zachary to see that even though he is little, he can still have an impact on other people.

Zach's toys arrived early October!



Little Zachary :)

Along with the toys there was a surprise in store for Toybank. A letter from Zachary himself!

Zachary's toys will be distributed during New Year to little kids in a school in Mumbai. And Zachary's cute letter to us stands now displayed in our HQ office at Mumbai :).

We are proud of you Zach!

Monday, December 07, 2009

Toybank's new journey!

On Dec 5th,Toybank embarked on a new journey. One of Toybank's goals is to bridge the gap between children from different backgrounds through play and distribution events and Toybank was successful in doing this on Saturday!

We organized a distribution event with Matoshri English Medium School, Yerawada which is part of the Akanksha School Project and is a joint venture of Akanksha and the Pune Municipal Corporation. This school is one of the 4 projects taken up by Akanksha in Pune.

We reached out to around 130 kids who are from 3-5 years of age whom we met at 9 AM in the morning. The toys for this event were donated by students from Sharad Pawar International School (SPIS) and toy donors from Konark Campus, Viman Nagar through toy collection drives which happened last month.

Through the event the kids from Matoshri sang all their favorite rhymes - "machli jal ki raani hain", "johny johny" and an interesting dhobhi rhyme as well :). The teachers from Matoshri and the Toybankers engaged the kids in singing and playing games.

19 students from SPIS who are studying in the 12th grade also joined us at the Matoshri School along with their teachers. They joined the Toybankers in the activities and had a fun time too! In one of the UKG classrooms children played the "musical mat", where when the music stopped playing the kids have to find a volunteer standing on a mat and jump onto them! :)

It was a fantastic day and many went back home with smiles - the children from Matoshri waiting to open their gifts wrapped by Toybankers and students from SPIS, 9 out of 11 Toybankers for whom this event was a first-time volunteering activity now longing to come back for more and students from SPIS who were happy to have a fun time knowing the toys they wrapped have reached the tiny hands with the cute smiles!

Here's what Madhavi who's the Principal of Matoshri has to say,
"It was a pleasure to have the Toybank team of volunteers and SPIS team of teachers and students in our school. Our students truly enjoyed the whole toy distribution event. Not only were they happy getting the toys but they really enjoyed the activities especially the musical mat activity. I am so impressed with the enthusiasm shown by the students of SPIS. Looking forward for a long term association."





Catch all the action from the event here!