Tuesday, July 14, 2015

 Toys are our childhood treasures. We played with them, learned with them even lived with them. Rich toys make the childhood memories colorful. There are kids out there who are deprived of this basic privilege. Shouldn’t we help them out? Yes, we started our day in that note and participated in the toy sorting event. 

           It was a sunny day and people gathered around 10’0 clock in the morning. Shruti from TOYBANK had presided the gathering. She helped us to form multiple groups with group of 4 each. She gave the instructions of what we were supposed to do to fulfill the dreams of those kids. All the required toys were gathered before we reached the place. Those toys were donated ones and various other charities had helped in gathering them. We had to sort the toys and pick the ones which almost look new. We had to throw the ones which were not usable and separate the toys which needed to washed and cleaned. The intention of the TOYBANK is truly appreciable. They make sure that those children get the best new possible toys so that they wouldn’t feel low.
        The activity was initially bit cumbersome since we were confused which one to choose, which one to throw. Shruti was of huge help which made our day easier. We eventually got hold of it and sorted out the toys. Some of us showed interest in packing, some in checking and some helped in manual works which was good to see. Comparing with your monotonous work Meeting new people, engaging in new activities and above all that nostalgic feeling of the toys gave us different experience.

         There were totally 9 teams. We approximately packed 70 toys. We spent around 3 hours. We finally ended our day with yummy lunch. Both of our hearts and tummies filled up. We had a group photo before we left for the day and it would be one of the reminder of our memorable day in our life.

Magic Show & Toy Distribution Event at YUVA, Mankhurd

We Toybank team arrived at YUVA, Mankhurd by three in the afternoon on 4th of July 2015, to notice a room full of about 90-110 children of ages varying from 5-18 years who were eagerly waiting for us to arrive. We met the centre in charge Prakash sir who gave us a background about the children present there. Pravin (Magician) was about to visit the centre and perform as a magician for the kids. The kids were very excited to know that there would be a magician performing as for them it would be a first time event for them and being from a poor family it is difficult for them to afford these types of performances.
We engaged the kids in games like Idli wada dosa, Fire on a mountain run run run and Passing the parcel to get familiarized with kids, the kids seemed to enjoy the games a lot but as soon as they heard that Pravin had arrived they ran to receive him, all of them seemed very enthusiastic and wanted the magic show to start right away. The magician (Pravin) was very well received by the kids and he seemed to have lit a spark of excitement in them which was immeasurable. The kids applauded loudly as the magic show began, the magician began with his mind boggling tricks as the kids gazed with wonder and shouted with joy with each trick, the happiness could be seen in their gleaming eyes. The cheers seemed to grow with each trick the magician performed be it the pulling out flowers from a rod or making a Chinese fan only with sticks. Towards the end of the show he performed a trick in which he acted as a person whose leg is stuck in a box and how he found it difficult to get his leg out of it. He emphasized on the fact that how difficult it was to get his foot out of the box and asked the students to call Prakash sir (The Centre In charge) to help him, then with the help of Prakash sir he was able to get his leg out of the box easily. He then correlated this with the problems of smoking and drinking and explained how it is difficult to get rid of these habits, and ranged it to the fact that if a student faces a problem he or she should contact their sir for help and they together can get out of it easily. This was a very dynamic way of explaining the kids about the ill that comes from smoking and drinking and children looked to have accepted this fact very well.

 After this we started with the toy distribution in which we asked Pravin and Prakash sir to give the toys to the children and Toybank team also distributed some toys. One of the most emotive moments came at the time when we were leaving the centre as the children urged us to visit them more frequently as they had a very joyful time.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Toybank At Vidya Vikas School, Borivali

  Toy Distribution event
Vidya Vikas School, Borivali (E)
The day started off with the gathering of 35 Morgan Stanley and two child volunteers, Toybank staff and 5 interns of BITS at Vidya Vikas School in Borivali. Various activities and games were planned out for all the students and they were to be conducted in classes by the volunteers of Morgan Stanley. These activities included Tail the elephant, Idli-vada-dosa, Draw and continue, Action chit game, Quiz, Damsharas etc. In most of the classes poems and songs were sung by the kids and some of them even danced on Marathi and Hindi songs. The volunteers interacted with the kids and kept them engaged. All the children enjoyed thoroughly and showed great enthusiasm while playing. After the activities were over, toy distribution was conducted in the respective classes by the volunteers present there. The look on the faces of these 250 kids after receiving a toy of their own was worth all the efforts that were put in the event. We could finally say that the toy distribution event was successful. In the end speeches were given by the school principal, school teachers, Morgan Stanley volunteers and Toybank. 

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Sep 13, 2014
Toybank re-kindled its Bangalore chapter with setting up a toy-library at Sri Veerabhadra Swamy Vibuthipura Mutta School near Old Airport Road. It was a fun-filled morning with our volunteers conducting play-sessions with kids ranging from 5 years old to 12 years. With this toy-library setup, Toybank reached out to close to 150 children who go to this school. We also had a really good interaction with the school-teachers and the principal who were very happy with the collaboration with Toybank and expressed full solidarity with the initiative.

October 9, 2014
Yodlee Inc organized a NGO Mela at its office premises. It was a good oppprtunity for Toybank to reach out to people and educate them about Toybank's activities. We had setup a stall and had some Toybank goodies for sale. Toybank volunteers helped man the booth throughout the day. A big shout out to all Toybank volunteers!