Toys are our childhood treasures. We played with them, learned with them even lived with them. Rich toys make the childhood memories colorful. There are kids out there who are deprived of this basic privilege. Shouldn’t we help them out? Yes, we started our day in that note and participated in the toy sorting event. 

           It was a sunny day and people gathered around 10’0 clock in the morning. Shruti from TOYBANK had presided the gathering. She helped us to form multiple groups with group of 4 each. She gave the instructions of what we were supposed to do to fulfill the dreams of those kids. All the required toys were gathered before we reached the place. Those toys were donated ones and various other charities had helped in gathering them. We had to sort the toys and pick the ones which almost look new. We had to throw the ones which were not usable and separate the toys which needed to washed and cleaned. The intention of the TOYBANK is truly appreciable. They make sure that those children get the best new possible toys so that they wouldn’t feel low.
        The activity was initially bit cumbersome since we were confused which one to choose, which one to throw. Shruti was of huge help which made our day easier. We eventually got hold of it and sorted out the toys. Some of us showed interest in packing, some in checking and some helped in manual works which was good to see. Comparing with your monotonous work Meeting new people, engaging in new activities and above all that nostalgic feeling of the toys gave us different experience.

         There were totally 9 teams. We approximately packed 70 toys. We spent around 3 hours. We finally ended our day with yummy lunch. Both of our hearts and tummies filled up. We had a group photo before we left for the day and it would be one of the reminder of our memorable day in our life.


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