The Toybankers!

A rather long one,
the details of your evening.
The range of "activity"
I just kept admiring.

The last few days,
been hectic for me.
Preparing for the Mumbai Marathon
seriously were we.

No ! Not measuring strides
or checking my fitness level.
But figuring out, there,
how best to revel.

"WE" had some magnificent time
thoroughly enjoyed.
Clicking pics with friends n strangers
even cops we didnt avoid.

Tiring it was but
satisfying too.
Luckily we did not need 
to visit the loo.

Shruti n Malhar
joined the parade.
Of the huge crowd 
not a bit afraid.

Niraj, Sonia, Shivangi and Dipti
oh, Did I miss Sid?
He was that day
our biggest KID.

Preeti, the Zumba master
loves crushing me with her hugs.
With such people around
do we need drugs?

Durga, small and petite
actually ran the half !
with a smile on her face 
and NO cramp in her calf.

Shweta and Vikram
the couple, sweet n young,
Keep all of us
together strung.

If I missed some one
intentional it aint.
Please, please, please
dont lodge a complaint.

This Clown may have 
an elephants tummy.
But above the shoulders,
its all DUMMY.

And who are "WE" 
you wonder?
Havent told you yet?
What a big blunder!!!

"TOYBANKers" we are
a unique group.
For some serious fun
you can join our troop. 
thats the site.
Shweta is the founder,
Cool and bright.

Lets catch up 
if not for beer
at least iced-tea !
 Writer: Pravin Tulpule


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