Toy Library at Ashadeep Association

Toybankers visited the Ashadeep Association centre at Mahakali Caves on the 21st of December, 2012 to set up the Toy Library for the children.
This Toy Library will be accessed by the children in Balwadi up to the 5th standard.
The children who attend this centre are from the low income group, living in the slum communities. These children do not get a safe environment to play in.
Now 75 children will get access to regular constructive play through our Toy Library.

There are 35 toys given to the Library, and Toybank will replenish the toys after every 3 months of the operations of the Library.
Toybankers coded the toys at the centre and conducted a teacher training session for the teachers at Ashadeep.
Toybank used the toys purchased by the Deloitte team for the Library. 
A big Thank You to the Deloitte team for donating such a wonderful set of games for our toy libraries!
The teachers at the centre were trained by the Toybankers on the functioning of the toy library and on the games bought to the library.
The teachers will now start conducting the play sessions twice a week for the children. Toybank volunteers will visit the centre twice every month for conducting follow-up sessions.

To volunteer at Toy Library at Ashadeep on weekends, contact or call on 9699468235.

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