Happy Toybankers celebrated Toybank’s 7th Birthday with the kids at Project Crayons-CDC

Toybank organized a fun magic show for the children at Community Development centre at Mankhurd which is under Project Crayons. It was an amazing event where the children enjoyed the performance by our dear Pinto Baba! And each one of the 120 children went home with a lovely toy for themselves to play with.

Here’s what our volunteer Edgar has to say about the event:

"A fun event was held on 16th August at Ambedkar Nagar-Mankhurd in the morning for the lesser-privileged children of the area .There were around 100-120 children from the age group of 3 -15 years.

The programme was divided into two parts the Magic Show & the distribution of gifts to the children.
The magic show was done by one of our Toybank members --Mr. HAPPY TOYBANKER-.the children enjoyed the event -they were also called on the front to join in a few magic tricks with the magician. Pravin was well dressed & kept the kids lively with his tricks & jokes'

The next event was the giving away of gifts to the children, they were divided into 3 age groups -- 3--6 yrs, 7 to 10 years and 10+. A format was prepared & each child gave their name, age & was asked what they would like to become when they grow up. The answers were very interesting as many aspired to become doctors, policemen, teachers, etc.

The event ended around noon. There were around 6 volunteers. It was well organized by Farnaza & Shweta..The gifts were good & well packed. The volunteers also joined some of the older kids in the closing stages and showed them how the games given to them were played.
The volunteers enjoyed themselves & were served with refreshments along with the teachers in the end. A nice book was presented by Toybank to each of the volunteers. It was Toybank’s birthday celebration worth remembering, & the lovely snaps taken by Shweta & Poulomi will give u an insight of the well organized event & the enjoyment of the children”

Here are the fun pictures!


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