Library revisit at Action for Community & Training, 2nd March 2013, NCR- Delhi

This was our second visit to the Toy/games library that we have set up at ACT, Faridabad. We went there with much more enthusiasm than last time as we knew that we will be surrounded by more than a 100 cheerful kids. A handful of volunteers who attended the previous event at ACT, knew that they fell terribly short and needed many more hands. Thanks to the effort of the GENPACT’s team, this time we were around a dozen and made sure that every child gets a fair share of time and games.
Based on the feedback that we received from ACT’s staff, this time we got stocks to match the interest level of the kids there and took back some of the more complicated games from last time. The volunteers, the staff and the children had a wonderfully loud session – yet were able to communicate their appreciation for each other. We’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking… :)


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