Fun event with kids at Navjeevan!

Toybank conducted a fun storytelling event with the children at Navjeevan Centre and distributed toys to the children. 

Toybankers did dhamaal with the children, telling them stories, listening to their songs and poems and playing many games with the little ones.

Here's what our new Toybanker, Nishant, has to say about the event:

"This was my first toy distribution event I attended after joining Toybank. I just loved the way they welcomed all of us. They called me "dada dada" (elder brother). A Toybanker, Vishakha read out to fun stories for the kids and the kids repeated whatever she asked in chorus. After the story telling session we had a singing session where the kids came and sang poems and songs taught to them. Some of them were really cute.
We also played fire on the mountain, ringa ringa roses and a few more games. It brought back some fond memories of my childhood. The best part was the answers that came up when we asked the kids what they want to become when they grow up. Some of them said police officers, teachers, doctors and also Ben 10. The innocence that reflected in their eyes was something that touched my heart. I was given the privilege of giving the toys personally to all the kids. The toys not only brought a smile on their face but also one on mine too.
It was an eventful day as many of the kiddos became my new friends. Thanks to Toybank!"

Check out more pics here!


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