Feedback from Apnalaya

Apnalaya started Nutrition Rehabilitation Centre (NRC) at Rafinagar since July 2011.  The main objective of the centre is to provide nutrition to severly malnourished children from 6 months child to 6 years. Till now 35 children have been selected for this support to NRC.

Most of these children’s parents are Rag pickers, they go to collect scrap garbage in the morning and remain busy till evening in this activity. During this time these younger children are left at home with their elder siblings. Most of the times because of acute poverty there is not enough food at home to feed younger children.
At NRC children are given meals three times in a day. They are provided with Health check-up once in month as well as taking care of their personal hygiene. At NRC Toybank has also helped us establish a play centre for the children.

NRC has received many different toys from Toybank. Initially children were crying after they come to NRC as the surrounding was different for them, but since Toybank have supported NRC with different toys for the children, the children now look happier when they come to NRC. Toys in the centre has become their an attraction for them, they keep playing with toys and don’t cry much.
Apart from this these toys are helpful in exploring their creative mind as they get opportunity of playing  of game  of making some things from different parts of the game.  Many children are also learning to cooperate as they are also sharing toys with each others.

We get to see more smiling faces at NRC because of the toys provided by Toybank. Overall these toys have become helpful in healthy socialization process of these children. 

Feedback by: Sunita Tajane, Field Coordinator at Apnalaya

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