Toys in action at our Toy Library!

Toybank has established it’s very first Toy Library for the children of the Vidya Vikas School in partnership with the Inner Wheel Club, Borivali. The Toy Library was inaugurated on the 9th of Oct by the District Chairman of the Inner Wheel Club, Mrs. Indira Kotak

Toybank has placed 100 toys in the toy library and also trained the teachers to manage the functioning of the toy library. It is indeed a brilliant experience for Toybank as this  project will now be part of our learning  and will help us replicate the same in many more schools in the years to come.

When the Toybank team visited the school to set up the toys and address the students one day before of the inauguration, we could see the enthusiasm amongst the children .The Toybank team went to every class to announce details about the toy library. The thought of playing with 100 different toys brought broad smiles on their faces!

Toybank team also sat down with the teachers to explain the functioning of the Toy Library. We thank the teachers and the Principal of Vidya Vikas School for being so cooperative and we thank Surekhaji from Inner Wheel Club who got us connected with the school and for helping us throughout this project!

After a month of functioning of the Toy Library, the Toybank team visited the library on 22nd Nov. As this was the first day of school after Diwali vacations the Principal expected only around 4 – 5 students to turn up from each class . So the Principal made an announcement that the children will get a half day where they will be allowed to play with the toys in the library, which eventually increased the attendance almost 3 times!

The children were soon engrossed in playing with the games.  We saw that once a child had finished solving the puzzles he/she went to help their friends with the puzzles they had taken. The children have learned to play in a team and also have learnt to share what they get.

It has been a fantastic experience for Toybank and will continue to be!


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