On Friday 8th September Toybank attended an exhibition at Ubuntu Montessori School, Tardeo. The exhibition was held to allow companies to showcase and sell their products. In order to fundraise some more money for their cause, Toybank had a stand selling a collection of different goods. Whilst it was only a relatively small exhibition there was a variety of stands selling all sorts, from clothes and jewellery to stationary and food.
The only NGO at the exhibition, Toybanks stand had a wide variety of goods to sell. From pretty patterned travel bags and jewellery boxes to colourful children's hooks and caddy's and even gift bags and gift wrap Toybank was not short of products to sell. With all of the products being donated in some way, all of the money raised at the exhibition will go straight back into Toybank and to the toy libraries and play sessions they provide for under-privileged children.  
Even though the exhibition wasn’t particularly busy and Toybank, it was evident quite how useful an opportunity the exhibition was in providing an opportunity to not just fundraise some extra money but also raise awareness of Toybank and their work. People were really interested and supportive in hearing about the play sessions put on by Toybank and some even expressed interest with regards to what they could do to help. The exhibition was invaluable in giving us a chance to chat to potential volunteers and sponsors. A couple of individuals even expressed an interest in donating some toys to Toybank. Despite the exhibition having a relatively small number of visitors, fellow stand holders were keen to understand what it is that Toybank does offering both helpful advice and contacts to help promote the cause but also enquiring as to what they could do through their business to help Toybank.
Obviously, the exhibition provided a valuable opportunity to raise some money, however the greatest benefit was definitely the chance it allowed us to spread awareness of Toybank itself.  Not only were we able to discuss the importance of our work with others we also got to meet an assortment of different people who might help us in the future.

Having left the exhibition with some new contacts and some interest in toy donations as well as some sold products, we would say the day was huge a success!


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