As you all are aware that Toybank is a completely volunteer driven organization, people from all walks of life join hands to help Toybank grow every day.
This time we have collaborated with two new schools one of which is Hill Spring International School. We would like to share some more details about the sessions conducted at this school.
The Hill Spring School has a program called CAS for social work as part of their yearly program. The school has selected Toybank for this year’s collaboration. We conducted two sessions with these students. The first session was conducted on 4th August 2017 in which we gave students a brief presentation about our work and the history of our organization.
The students from Hill Spring sent us their experience from the sessions conducted by us in their school and we would like to share it with you:
 “We were shown a presentation on what the organization aims to do as well as how it aims to reach its goals. We discussed ideas relating to new activities that we can make the young kids play. We discussed new ideas we too could implement. We also saw why games are beneficial to the children. They explained everything in detail and that was extremely intuitive.”


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