Dear Readers,
Today we would like to share a small experience with you. The Toybank Team visited the DP World offices, to have a sensitisation session with its senior-most employees. There were around 5-7 attendees and we were able to interact with each one of them at an individual level.

This session was held on the 18th August 2017 by our founder Ms. Shweta Chari. She covered a wide range of topics from the history of Toybank to our future plans. We are hoping to start the process of organising a collection drive with the help of these individuals at DP World very soon!
The number of attendees may seem small to you, but the impact that each one of these individuals can create is huge. These individuals represent the entire company. They represent the employees as well as the leaders. They are the influencers. They are the future leaders. And we have their support. We know that our organization can count on these individuals to foster awareness and support for us within the company.

The biggest change starts with a single person who dares to stand up and fight for what is right!


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