Toybankers chat with the second graders at Ecole Mondaile!

Toybankers Ravi, Shweta and Kanupriya visited Ecole Mondiale on the 8th of May to chat with the 2nd graders!
There were 30 children from the 2nd grade attentively listening to our presentation and asking intelligent questions.
The children were sensitized to the issue of children in India and about poverty related issues. They also talked about how small children from the low-income group are forced into child labour and leading a life which deprives them of their childhood.

Toybankers also told some inspiring stories of Mahatma Gandhi & Mother Teressa. 
At the end all the children promised to bring a toy and share it with Toybank so it can go to the hands which need them the most.

The 2nd graders at Ecole Mondaile were a very energetic batch of children. They are willing to help and do their bit for their friends who do not have toys. They will be donating their toys to Toybank, so we can pass it on the the children we reach out to in NGOS, and Govt. Schools!

Thank you to all the Teachers at Ecole Mondaile! 

It amazing to see little children donating their toys and helping Toybank move a step closer to their vision!


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