Toybankers visited Ashray Home!

Toybankers from Stylus collected wonderful toys for Toybank and gift wrapped them for the distribution event at Ashray Home which runs under Committed Communities Development Trust (CCDT). 
Ashray is a residential home and a safety net for children aged 0-8 years who are infected/affected by HIV/AIDS.

13 volunteers from Stylus joined us for the distribution event on the 19th of May. The children had a gala time interaction with the volunteers and playing with them!

Here's what the Stylus team has to say about the event:
 "On the 19th of May, 2012 the Stylus Team visited Ashray in Bandra West. There were 40  children aged between 4 to 12.  It was wonderful experience to spend a few hours with them. We were greeted by Farnaza Governor who is a active member of Toybank who briefed us on the do's and don’ts before we could start the session with the kids. The Stylus team was divided into groups with the kids who took active part in the collage making, the kids were so proud of what the collage looked like once it was done! They took a lot of pride pinning it up on to the soft boards from there we went on to playing a couple of games which ended with the Toy Distribution session. 
The joy and happiness on the faces of these kids will stay in our hearts and minds for a long time to come. What was also remarkable is the wonderful work done by the staff who take care for the kids and do all they can to make the place as much a real home as possible. Thank God for places like this.
Thank you Toybank for making this happen for us, Great Job done and we will continue to support this cause for as long as we can!"

Toybank would take this opportunity to sincerely thank the Stylus team for supporting us through the event at Ashray Home.  

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