Play away. No preps, no supplies needed

On the off chance that you have neither the board games nor playing cards at home, here are some indoor games you can play that need no prep, no supplies and little to no materials. These simple yet fun games can be played with things lying around at home.


This is an oldie but a goodie! It never gets boring. We’re sure you know the drill. In case you don’t, form teams. Whisper a movie or series name to a player from the opposite team. As they enact it out, their team guesses the film. With the influx of series on OTT platforms, you won’t be struggling for names.

Dancing Chain

Bust a move and become a choreographer. Stand in a circle and play music. Choose one person to start the game and ask them to make a dance move. A simple action like throwing your hands in the hair, bobbing your head, etc. Everyone imitates the move. The next person then imitates this move and adds their own. Keep at it till the song plays.

Guess the Sound

If you have little kids, this would be easy enough for them to play. Gather things lying around. Blindfold the player, make a sound with the object(s) and ask the child to guess what the object is. Spoon or/and pot (bang them together), stapler (staple a paper), wooden blocks and so on.


Another game that children, especially young kids, enjoy but can be played by anyone. The only thing you need for this is music. Play your child’s favorite song and ask them to dance. Stop the song and ask them to freeze in whatever position they are — with a leg up in the air, hands up, etc. Add another element and ask them to freeze in a specific position, like an animal or a shape.

Drama Queen

This is like Charades. Only more fun. You need to enact an entire scenario as the other player guesses what’s happening. Divide yourselves into teams and write down scenarios on pieces of papers — shopping at a supermarket but forgetting the wallet at home, your car was stolen, waking up in the morning and finding out you’re a dog… as crazy as you can get. Exchange the chits with the opponents and pick out a paper to enact.

Enjoy these games. Stay indoors, stay safe and take care!


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