Famjam, board games, and social distancing

Safety begins at home. The world is gripped with novel coronavirus, and social distancing is a proven way to contain the pandemic. While you practice preventive measures to keep yourselves and your family out of harm’s way, you must have time on hand, post your work-from-home hours and children’s daily chores. Binge-watching may be a tempting alternative but why not do something that stimulates your mind, is fun and means reduced screen-time.
Toybank suggests these board games that are super-fun to play. We have giggling kids at our Play Centers to attest!


Become a visual scavenger! Roll the dice, draw a card from the colored decks, flip the timer and find the maximum number of objects from a hodgepodge of images. With Round & Round, Missions, Special Rules and Mish Mash, this will keep you entertained for hours. While you play, it will refine your concentration skills and help children practice the ability to decipher visual information and attend to its stimuli. It elevates memory, hand-eye coordination and makes the child a spontaneous thinker.

Code Names

Here’s your chance to become a spymaster and make contact with all your agents first. A player gives clues to guess which word on the board belongs to their team. And avoid the assassin! The game builds teamwork and enhances word associations. This game also helps to develop language and concept grasping skills as well as analytical thinking. 


In this game, a player needs to give verbal clues to the rest of the team to help them guess the word on the card. However, the word comes with 5 additional words that the player isn’t allowed to use, adding a level of difficulty to it. This game helps build language skills and improves teamwork. 


Use a random assortment of letters on a grid and make words. At the end of a minute, reveal your list to the whole team. This game allows you to learn more than one person’s perspective on the same collection of letters. This builds your language skills.

UNO Spin

Most of you must have played uno as children or even now- uno spin is a more innovative way to play the card game on a spin board. Everyone gets felt 7 cards- the left over deck goes on the board. The other place on the board is for the discard pile. Players put their cards in that pile when their chance comes and spin the board- when the board stops spinning the player who’s chance it is must do what the arrow is pointing at. This game is fun to play with family at a time like this to learn and bond better with them. This game can be played by everyone above 6 years old.

With these games, fam jam will be about keeping yourselves entertained, enhancing a number of skills, have a great time and stay safe!


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