Toybank visits Daya Sadan to enjoy with the kids in their Summer Camp!

Toybankers and Axis Bank employees were all set on a Friday evening to go to Daya Sadan with cartons full of toys and a bag full of beautiful ‘Hari Puttar Color and painting kits! 

These toys were entirely collected at the Axis Bank Foundation!
Thank you to all the wonderful Toy Donors from Axis Bank. And Thank You to the Axis Bank Foundation employees who took out time to visit Daya Sadan for this event!

Here’s what our newbies at Toybank, Apoorv and Ayushi, have to share with us:

“The session started out with a game popularly known as ‘Fire in the mountain’, where the children and the volunteers enjoyed to their fullest!  This was followed by a card making session. This is where the children's creativity comes to the fore. Most of them made cards for their teachers, mothers and some even made Diwali greeting cards. This is also where I realized that it is never too early (or late) to learn anything. Very young kids could easily converse in English or Tamil while they found Hindi difficult. The children at Daya Sadan were very receptive and they learnt whatever we taught them very quickly and easily.
The session ended with a toy distribution event wherein each and every child was given his/her own toy. Special care was taken that the toys distributed were appropriate for their age. A group photograph session culminated the session.
Throughout the session, the kids were full of energy and their enthusiasm was infectious!

Here's what Manik, the Coordinator at Daya Sadan, has to say about this event:
“We were very pleased with Toybank representatives who spent their time interacting with our children who participated in the summer camp with games and drawing. The children were very happy with the toys that were distributed to them and they were very excited to take their toys home. We look forward to have more of such events for our other batches of children as well.”

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Great suggestions. Our playroom is a little overstimulating right now and it's a nice reminder to only bring things in for ONE session!
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