Toy Collection Drive at BitWise

Toybank organized a toy collection drive at BitWise in the month of May!

BitWise Foundation supports many programs and organizations, who work with mentally, physically, economically and socially underprivileged sections of the society. They work with different sectors including the underprivileged children, disadvantaged elders, rural poor, disabled and mentally challenged. The main goal is to improve and enhance the quality of their life and try to make them self-reliant. BitWise Foundation is committed to the well being of the communities they work within and increase awareness to protect the environment.
During the Toy Collection Drive at BitWise there were awesome toys collected and these will surely bring broad smiles on the faces of the children who receive them! A BIG THANK YOU to all the Toy Donors at BitWise!

Here is what Amit Lodha has to say on the behalf of BitWise Foundation:

"So beautiful are childhood days..! Childhood… a time when dad was only the hero.. When love was Mom’s hug… When dad’s shoulder was highest place on the earth… When our worst enemies were siblings…When the only thing that could hurt was wounded knees… When friends used you for nothing other than borrowing pencil...When good-bye meant only for tomorrow...When the only things broken were Toys...  So many emotions were attached to toys. But we knew a broken toy would be replaced by another big toy.

All the children are not lucky enough.  Just wonder parents who even could not afford food, how would afford toys for their children. Fully realizing the potential of the impact of toys and the need for children to learn and grow with the experience of toys, BitWise Foundation partnered with Toybank to organize a TOY COLLECTION DRIVE.

The toy collection campaign ran from 25th April to 4th May in all the 3 facilities of BitWise. Toy Collections boxes were placed near security at all the 3 facilities of BitWise. This was the time when all the Bitwisers came together as family and share aloha in true spirit.  We are very glad to let you know that we collected 340 toys in this campaign.

On 9th May 2011 BitWise Foundation volunteers came together, segregated according to age groups and wrapped all the 340 toys with newspaper. We would like to thank each and every donor and volunteer for your generosity.

The toy collection drive has been extremely successful and it was so much fun doing it. Just waiting till the toys reach the tiny hands…"

Catch all the fun at BitWise here


Sakshi Sharma said…
nice collection

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