Toybank Delhi turns 1!

Toybank Delhi turned 1 this May and we celebrated our anniversary in style! 

Toybankers in Delhi/NCR ventured out to meet the wonderful girls from Protsahan at the Hastasal Basti in Delhi on 15th of May. Toybankers and volunteers from Protsahan and iVolunteer had so much fun with the 50 children. 

Here's a excerpt from the blogpost by Protsahan on their website:
"Protsahan children saw a wonderful Sunday, filled with games and some crazzy fun. When a little girl who has always stood on the street, undergoes a team building exercise, plays with her peers, and gets back home with her “own toy”, you know, world for that little one has entirely changed in somewhat way."
Some of our volunteers shared their thoughts and experiences after the event: 
"It was rather a great experience spending an afternoon with the team. I will surely get back to you for some posters & inputs that I would be requiring to initiate some contribution within my organization."

"It was a great experience being part of the event. It was my first event with Toybank and I had a lot of fun. Interacted with the girls and played some new games, some of them after ages!! I liked the concept of Toybank and also the whole emphasis on how important playing is and not just studying. Also telling them about some new professions was a new initiative and I hope to be better prepared with that next time! :) Also I have a small suggestion/question - Why are the children told not to open the toys? I know it would create a bit of mess with the newspapers and stuff, but it would be nice to see the smiles on their faces when they see the toy. And I look forward to a toy wrapping session too, so that I can get a chance to interact more with the volunteers and Toybankers :) "

Mita who coordinated the event responded to Anoushaka's interesting question:

"Thanks for playing those games, and I'm sure we had just as much playing as the children. We usually don't let them open not because of the mess but because children start comparing their toys and then some of them don't like what they got when they compare with their peers as all the toys are different. To avoid that disappointment and comparison we let them go home and open it , but your point is well taken. I think we just have to imagine the smiles for when they go home."

Catch all the glimpses of fun here


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