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Volunteers from Mumbai and UK teamed up to run for Toybank at the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon on 16th January 2011!

85 Toybankers participated in the Marathon to support our cause! Also we had an awesome Toybank supporter Nathan Hugh Coll who came to India for the very first time all the way from UK to run the Marathon for 42 kms.

We thank all the Toybankers and also Nathan for the extraordinary support! We thank you for running for Toybank. Through your run, you have silently told the world out there to campaign for the Rights of Children. Toybank does it through play and together we represented 1 billion children of the world who are in poverty.

Volunteer Speaks:
  • Here’s what Durga has to say about her first marathon- Fun'toy'abulous Xperience!!
“Toybank, the group really does phenomenal work. A unique and noble cause of providing toys to impoverished children and hopes to be able to give every child in the world that needs a toy to play with. That's why I jumped at the chance to run for Toybank at the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2011-Dream Run. I had a fantastic run/walk through South Mumbai with Toybank teammates. It was not a race. Just assumed that aiming for fund raising cause and spreading the smile to be our goal.

Really getting into the spirit of it some of us dressed up in creative TOYBANK lettered train costume and clown outfit. It was fun and entertaining to run in creative costumes and spreading the message through hoardings, banners and giving away stickers of Toybank.
It was indeed an icing on the cake when Toybank bagged prize money by winning first position in the Run-in-costume contest by Pravin Tulpule.The event was really 
fun run!!

The joy of accomplishment and simply crossing the finish line with a run for a cause was a dream come true. I'm absolutely delighted and grateful to have the opportunity to run for such a fundamentally important cause. For a funtoyabulous experience that's sure to be life-changing, why not help try giving a toy and spreading joy in the lives of children’s at the same time! I was a child again here with Toybank reminiscing childhood. We need events like this one to remind us to serve back to that significant part of society and how good it feels to be connected!

Kudos to Toybank!!!”

  • And here's what Sapna Jain has to say about her experience! She is a first time Toybanker and completely rocked the scene on the marathon day!!!

"Give a Toy! Give a Future! Toybank Toybank!

It was one of the finest experiences of my life with all the Toybank team mates. I participated in this event for the first time. I was all set with the Toybank's funky T-shirt, badge and a BIB. It was a pleasant feeling to see the clean roads, non-polluted air and pure silence on the way. There were around 40,000-50,000 enthusiastic men and women of all age, caste and creed running for the marathon to support different causes. I was really touched to see the unity among the MUMBAIKARS.
I was so happy when TOYBANK was selected for the Best Costume Award-1st prize. I really liked the idea of promoting Toybank with a really innovative costume of a letter train. The slogan 'GIVE A TOY! GIVE A FUTURE' itself articulated the whole thing. It actually gives an enormous contentment to work for a cause.
Lastly, I would like to thank Toybank and I-Volunteer for giving me an opportunity, otherwise I would not be at MARATHON. Happy Toybanking"

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