A full-on Dhamaal event at Daya Sadan!

On 21st of Feb Toybankers in Mumbai had an awesome time!

Toybankers from Lala College organized a toy collection drive for Toybank. We thank all the Lala college students to put in so much of efforts to raise toys for Toybank.

Toybankers arrived at around 11 AM at Daya Sadan Balwadi at Dharavi. And we were amazed to see so many small children waiting for us and sitting silently in rows of four with their parents sitting behind. The kids so cutely sang twinkle twinkle little star, chubby cheeks and other nursery rhymes in chorus! 

Later we played a lot of games like ringaringa roses, oranges n lemons, four corners, Fox fox what’s the time? This experience took us to the days when we used to enjoy these games as kids. So our volunteers went back to their childhood days and had a blast with the little ones! 

Here’s what our first time volunteer Zaibunissa, from Lala College had to say about her experience:
There always are questions unanswered in our mind. One such question in my mind was the true meaning of happiness. For the first time I went out and helped bring smile on these kids faces. The contempt, self satisfaction I felt is beyond words.

Luxuries can’t replace peace of mind and peace is what I felt amongst these kids, it hardly took time to make them feel happy but this little time spent with them today is always going to be a timeless memory for me. Being humble, grateful and contempt are the few things life made me realize today.
I want to do more of this, more of being useful as a human and able to give my life some thoughtful meaning. Life has given them what it wanted to, now our life has given us an opportunity to give what we want to. Be it time, concern or TOYS!

It does not take much for all this, just the WILL n passion.
I'm happy and I thank Toybank for spreading happiness to all.”

Check out all the Dhamaal from the event!


lak said…
Toy banking is a good habit to develop among the children. It will make them realize the value of money and the importance of savings and investment when they grow. The are the millionaires in the making.

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