Toybank reaches out to children in Mahabadia and Bodakho, Bhopal

Every time we reach out to children from rural India it's an amazing feeling for all of us at Toybank!

Zee TV employees at the Zee Studio, Filmcity office in Noida organized a toy collection drive in Nov 2010. Around the same time Toybank Delhi found out about Aham Bhumika, an organization working in the tribal areas around Bhopal for the empowerment of women and education of children.
With the help of Ashutosh, who volunteers for Aham Bhumika the wrapped toys were sent to the Aanganwadis in the villages of Mahabadia and Bodakho. 

Here's what Subrat Goswami, volunteer from Aham Bhumika had to say in an email to us after the toy distribution event today!
"The toys provided by the Toybank Delhi were distributed today to the Aanganwadi centre of village Mahabadia, Kolar Road, Bhopal. Mahabadia village is nearly 17 kms from the heart of the city Bhopal. The village residents are of Adivasi and Banjara community. 

Nearly 30 - 32 toys were distributed to children of this village Aanganwadi centre.On this occasion the Aanganwadi Karyakarta Smt. Anita Mangroliya and Aanganwadi Sahayika Smt. Kamla Bai were also present.

The moment the toys reached the Aanganwadi centre today around 11.00 AM and the news of distribution of toys spread, with in few minutes the room of Aanganwadi was full of children excited to have a look and to play with the toys.The kids were eagerly waiting for their turn to have the toys to play. 

"By providing toys it is definite that the number of kids attending Aanganwadi centre will increase", said the Anganwadi Centre Karyakarta. Soft toys will be provided to the children at the Aanganwadi  centre for the children to play. While the plastic toys were given to the children in person. 13 toys will be distributed to the children of village Bodakho next week."

Catch all the smiles here!

We are thrilled to say the least! We are so glad to know that the children were excited and happy to receive the toys. We thank Zee Network and it's employees in Noida for organizing a toy drive and collecting wonderful toys. We thank Ashutosh Baranwal for helping us transport the toys to children in Mahabadia and Bodakho!

Miles to go before we sleep...


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