Toybankers in UK go on air on Asian Star Radio!

It was the time when our Toybankers in UK were busy helping an enthusiastic volunteer Rashmi, who was willing to host a charity dinner and dance party at Slough, Berkshire and an idea came across to advertise about the event on a local radio station Asian Star 101.6

A call was made to the radio station to discuss about the same. The RJ at the station Philippa immediately agreed and helped us go on air to talk about Toybank because she had not heard about anything like Toybank before and was very curious to know what it was all about. This obviously meant a good chance for Toybank to spread the word in the Berkshire area via the radio chat. Shruthi, a Toybank UK core committee member who lives in Slough went along with Rashmi on 11th of Nov to speak on behalf of Toybank.

Here's what Shruthi had to say after the interview:
"This was more like an interview where Philippa asked us questions like What exactly is Toybank? What do we do and Why we do it? The conversation was very interesting and we got a chance to clearly state Toybank's goals, how we started in the UK, what we are up to in India.

We also got a chance to explain where all our funds are going so that the donors in UK know before they donate. We discussed various ways one can volunteer to help Toybank and shared our webiste and blog details. 

Well, we were on air also to promote Rashmi's upcoming charity event for Toybank. Philippa asked Rashmi for details about the charity event such as the ticket details, agenda for the event and the contact number for the viewers to confirm for the event.

The chat went on for about 15 minutes and it was a wonderful experience to be representing Toybank in the UK."

Tune in to listen to the complete interview here!

We are so proud of our Toybankers in UK and the amazing work they are doing! Thanks to Rashmi and Shruthi for all the enthusiasm in spreading the word in the UK! We also thank Asian Star Radio and RJ Philippa for giving us a chance to talk about Toybank!

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