December is here and so is the Party Time!

Toybank Mumbai is having a party all through December! Come and join the party as we spread smiles and distribute toys to more children all over Mumbai!
Mumbai Mobile Creches have been running their activities since 30 years. Their main focus specifically involves supporting health and education of children of construction labourers. We have had many events with the children at Mobile Creches in Mumbai and Delhi. More details on this event will be coming soon on our blog!

Toybank Mumbai and The Social Service League of Xavier's College team up to distribute toys to 100 children from Navjeevan Society and Dolors School.

Worldchildren Welfare Trust India was set up up in 1984 to receive , shelter and rehabilitate orphaned, abandoned and destitute minors by way of adoption. WWTI's first Children’s Home - Bal Anand commenced in 1984 with 8 children in residential care, now risen to 90 children. Bal Anand also houses 25 children and has in–house complementary therapy and education such as art and craft, yoga and dance. 

Join us on the 14th and we promise you that it'll be a memorable day!

Toybank Mumbai participates in the Charity fete organized by Garodia International Centre of Learning, Ghatkopar to raise toys for Toybank.
 ACI (AIDS Combat International) is a NGO working for care and support to the HIV/AIDS infected and affected people. ACI has adopted Home Based Care as a means to work with HIV+ people. Home based care includes, psychosocial and palliative care.  Home care draws on two strengths that exist through out the world; families and communities.  Families are the central focus of care and form the basis of the HCB team. Communities are places where people live and a source of support and care to individuals and families in need.

Join us as we distribute toys to HIV+ children from ACI.


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