Mastek employees and Toybankers distribute toys to Mobile Creches, Airoli!

Toybank Mumbai and Mastek teamed up to distribute toys to 35 children from Mumbai Mobile Creches centre in Airoli. On the 7th of Dec employees of Mastek and Toybankers wrapped the toys and set out to visit the children.

Here's what Beulah Priyadharshini an employee from Mastek had to say after the event:

"It's always a nice feeling to see a smile on a child's face and when you are the reason for it, its a blessing indeed! We were called to help with the toy wrapping and it was so much fun wrapping toys for the kids.We were secretly admiring those toys ourselves and it reminded of our childhood days. We were each given a Toybanker badge which we wore with a lot of pride.

Once we finished with the wrapping we had our lunch and it was time to meet the children. We went to Mumbai Mobile Creches centre in Airoli there were kids from all age groups. The children entertained us by singing songs and some of them danced too! We also played passing the parcel with the children and when we started distributing the toys the kids received them with great joy. Then we posed for a few clicks with the excited kids.

Finally it was time to say bye .We waved them good bye, as all the kids said the same in return with a chorus. This was a definitely a memorable experience. I learnt that there is more joy in giving than in receiving.Thank you Mastek and Toybank for giving me this opportunity and hope to participate in many more in the near future."

Catch all the glimpses of fun here!

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