Toybank distributes toys to Excalibur Foundation!

Toybank Bangalore distributed toys to Children's Home for Boys through Excalibur Foundation

Excalibur seeks to rehabilitate and educate youth in the Juvenile Justice System of India so as to integrate them into society as honorable, intellectual, socially-conscious, responsible, compassionate and law-abiding citizens of the nation. The youth in India's Juvenile Justice System include those who require 'Care and Protection Under the Law' and those who are  'In Conflict With the Law'.

Here's what Sanju Rao, CEO of Excalibur Foundation had to say after the distribution:

"The toys are great!  Thank you for wrapping them!  The kids loved everything especially the cars, animals, dinosaurs and balls. I'm going to distribute the educational toys to them when there is a teacher or a counselor present who can teach them how to play with those. I think that the balls that are smaller than tennis balls are not best for these kids since they disappear into their pockets fast and there is a danger that they'll put them in their mouths. Thanks again and we are most grateful to Toybank."

More glimpses and smiles here !   


DiDo said…
awesome work ..!!

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