Sept 22nd 2007 - Toy collection drive at Raheja Residency

Yes! Toybank Bangalore arranged the 2nd toy collection drive this weekend!

Date and Time: 22nd Sept 2007, 10 AM - 1 PM Venue: Club House, Raheja Residency, Koramangala 3rd Block, Bangalore

You have to check out these pics to believe what an awesome toy collection drive we had today at Raheja Residency!

Toybank thanks -

  • All those people who spent some time to dig their wardrobes for some toys which their kids would have thrown away long back!
  • All those moms who got their kids along to our stall, and when their kids started feeling sad about giving their toys away, they consoled them saying "beta, you promised me that you'll give these toys, now other children will play with them".
  • People who have now moved out of Raheja, but still came all the way to give toys after getting an email on the Raheja group.
  • Friends and volunteers who managed to get the carton boxes, stationery, and packaging tape in place for this drive.

Thanks everyone!!


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