Volunteer of the month for March 2011!

Starting from the month of March we are identifying volunteers who have been regularly volunteering with Toybank and putting in that extra bit to help us move a step closer to our vision of creating a world where all children can have a happy and healthy childhood. 

Lets have a huge round of applause for the volunteers of the month for March - Manan Agrawal and Grishma Khajanchi

Both Manan and Grishma have been very helpful to Toybank and have provided us continuous volunteering support for 3 of our events in the month of March. 

Here's a small QnA session we had with Grishma:

Toybank: What brought you to volunteer with us?
Grishma: Whenever I see the children in the slums near my house, I feel like giving them some toys to make them happy. But then I realize that there are so many children in our country; their childhood is robbed at a very young age. But I thought alone I can’t change everything and then Toybank came to our college.  Toybank is the way I can make them all happy. I always wanted to do something for the society and toy bank is the way for it. Toy bank helps to serve to the society and SPREAD HAPPINESS.

Toybank: What do you think about volunteering in general?
Grishma: When a person donates a significant part of his salary as a charity or to an NGO, he thinks that he is making a contribution towards the welfare of the needy and hence is changing the world in whatever small way he can. But the question is – Is the world really changing? Are the people really benefited from his money?   

I gave the money to an NGO as a donation, now what? Well, you think you have done your part, don’t you? But have another look. What happens to the money? Money alone can’t change the world. There’s lot more than that. Yes, I am talking about volunteering. We would get a firsthand experience of what goes inside and get satisfaction from what we have done. 

What India needs today is a dedicated workforce. It’s not only limited to this, volunteering can help to make a positive impact on the society and also contributes to your social status. Moreover, volunteering also helps to interact with people from diverse backgrounds thus helping you learn and work as a team. So the next time when you get an opportunity, do volunteer your time and effort to see the change that you can bring. Stop complaining about the corrupt structure and be the change you want to see. What India needs today are volunteers who can collectively work towards its development.  Volunteer yourself to see how you can change the society with whatever you have.

Toybank: What keeps you motivated to volunteer?
Grishma: The amazing feeling that I get when I see the smile on the face of those sweet innocent children is something that motivates me the most. It just makes my day. Moreover it makes me feel great that I am being the cause of someone's happiness. And those kids who say. ‘Dee please come again’. Toybank is really doing a great work in bringing back the lost childhood of all those children who are deprived of it. It’s my honor to be a part of it.

Toybank: What is your most memorable experience with Toybank?  
Grishma: We despite having so many luxuries can’t manage to wear a smile sometimes. Small expression of joy in their face is really a heart touching experience. My very first day at Daya Sadan - playing ringa ringa roses…then four corners…it was a great fun out there. At YMCA near juhu beach - playing football and cricket was too good. At the league of mercy the collage making session with those sweet, naughty, innocent girls was really a pleasure. All these add a great JOY to my world. Working with Toybank itself is a memorable experience. 

Here's a small QnA session we had with Manan:

Toybank: What brought you to volunteer with us?
Manan: A spirit to contribute my bit to the society by helping the lesser-privileged children. Also giving the most important right to these kids. i.e. Right to play

Toybank: What is your most memorable experience with Toybank?
Manan: My every moment with Toybank is as memorable as it can be. From playing football with the swift boys of YMCA to making collage with the girls of league of mercy, they all had left a permanent impression in my mind and heart.

Toybank: What do you think about volunteering in general?
 Manan: Volunteering simply means to me thanking to The God for all the things he has given to us. I believe instead of worshipping for hours in temples and mosque we should give our time for such volunteering act. As they say serve the humanity, serve the almighty.

Toybank: What keeps you motivated to volunteer?
Manan: The smiles and the beautiful laughter on the lovely faces of the kids, and this will always keep me motivated to do my best

A big Thank You to Grishma and Manan for supporting us! We look forward to have you guys coming in many of our events in future. Cheers to Grishma and Manan!!! 


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