Toybank features on Slumdog Secret Millionaire on Channel 4, UK !!

We have some awesome news to start this new year with!

Toybank was featured on Slumdog Secret Millionaire on Channel 4, UK on Sunday 17th January at 9 PM and the programme will be repeated on Monday 18th January at 10.45 PM.

In each episode a millionaire takes on a secret identity and immerses themselves in a deprived area.They become part of the community, working and volunteering with locals, while they consider who they would most like to help with gifts of thousands of pounds of their own fortune.

Through their experiences the millionaires meet some extraordinary people trying to beat the odds inside deprived communities. As well as highlighting the positive financial and emotional impact of modern-day philanthropy, the series offers an insight into the social problems in modern Britain.

Slumdog Secret Millionaire is a show where Millionaire benefactors say goodbye to their luxury lifestyles and go undercover in deprived areas to find out who needs their help.

We will be receiving the actual video from the producers, RDF Television production in few weeks and we'll keep you posted on the link as soon as we upload it!

Till then take a look at the links where the Millionaire dentist Seema Sharma worked with various organizations including Toybank in Mumbai.

Please feel free to share this awesome news with everyone and volunteers in UK can watch and record the repeat telecast today!

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Nihar said…
Congratulations.. Glad to see this post...
Toybank India said…
Thank you Nihar!
It is very encouraging indeed.
m3hu1 said…
I watched the complete coverage, its an amazing thing that toybank is doing, i love it!!! congratulations!!!

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