Perfect Day!

Event: Toy Distribution with TCS
Date: Saturday, November 14th, 2009
NGO Partner: Kotak Education Foundation
Number of Children: 350
Location: Milind Vidhyalaya, Powai

Catch all the action from the event here.

Here's what one of our volunteers from TCS - Gaurav Karwal had to say after the event.

“Koi bhi gana gao sir, ye to andar se ata hai” – And so exclaimed Nilesh when we asked him to give a dance performance.

This was just one of the many confidence exuding, mind boggling repartees we were audience to by the charged student coterie of Milind Vidyalaya, Powai. All of us from the Fun Committee at TCS BOA-ML ADC together, as if in a mental chorus, realized as to why Pandit Nehru was so fond of kids. Believe me – it’s not difficult at all. Satisfaction ball-danced in our heads to realize that we were where we should have been on the occasion - with the children on the day dedicated to them, Children’s Day.

The atmosphere was sublime, the occasion, austere. No matter how much everyone from the Fun Committee at TCS BOA-ML ADC had planned it out, they ended up pleasantly surprised by the energy that the toddler’s reverberated.

The drive was carried out in collaboration with an independent NGO, Toybank and we realized its ambition when all our volunteering associates saw “pepsodent” smiles all around after the toy distribution ended – no points for guessing that the smiles broadened after we distributed snacks too! Perfect start to a perfect day!

Gaurav Karwal
Tata Consultancy Services


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