Toybank knows no borders - A day out with Borderless World Foundation!

Toybank had an awesome start to 2010! We had a toy distribution event with children from Borderless World Foundation (BWF).

Nimesh Sumati is one of our mentors and he invited BWF and organized their stay and travel in Maharashtra.He is also involved in activities at the Caring Friends. Here's what Nimesh had to say after our event -

"The event on Sunday 3rd Jan went very well, thanks to Mr Pravin Tulpule , the amazing magician cum entertainer who was kind enough to do the show. The event was organized by Toybank which was here to distribute games and toys to the girls at BWF.

The TISS students and Toybank volunteers played wonderful hosts too. The children were glued to Mr Pravin's every word and had a great time. A big THANK YOU to Shweta and Vikram of Toybank and Pravin. We also saw some performances from the BWF girls. Though they sang in their mother tongue we could see the happiness on their faces.

Our friends from 'Caring Friends' who attended the event - Mrs and Mr Ashok Tamnhe, Rama and Dharini, Narendra , Dhiren, Dhanesh, Prashant, Dharmendra, Naresh and Meena, Samir, Amul, Smita, Nikunj and others  also interacted with the girls over dinner. Over all it was an event which touched us all. The volunteers got a chance to speak briefly with Mr Adhik and Gaurav who are the trustees of BWF.

On 4th Jan we had a  Bazaar where a sale of some products was arranged and the girls were allowed to buy from the pocket money given to them. This was an oppurtunity given to the girls to inculcate a practice to learn how to make transactions and involve themselves in decision making.

This event was also an oppurtunity for the girls to learn a thing or two about saving the unspent money in their individual Money Boxes. Since the event went really well it was a very good thing to notice thatalmost all the girls got a chance to save a major amount. One girl bought a small bracelet and gifted it to Satya, a TISS student who had visited them earlier. Satya was was moved by this gesture.

It was an event which left us with many mixed emotions which were touching, moving, entertaining and inspiring. "


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