Toybank Delhi goes on wheels to spread joy at NIPUN, 11th May - 2014

It was again a satisfactory day as we updated our Toy library at Nipun, Meera Bagh, Delhi. The organization runs a creche, a balwadi and a remedial school for around 150 children of the Meera Bagh slum colony. 

When the Toybankers arrived, the little babies and toddlers in the creche were sound asleep. We tip toed into their room and decorated their walls with colorful decals and set up a ball pool for them. It was a sheer delight to see the surprise in their eyes as they woke up one by one and picked up their favorite toy before jumping into the ball pool.

This time we could also provide learning material in the form of puzzles and toddler books for the balwadi kids. Thanks to our donors, the quality of the material provided will certainly ensure that these kids pick up their colors, letters, numbers and vocabulary as fast as someone from an elite pre-school :)

Besides, one full carton of games and art and craft kits was given for the children who come to the remedial school. Here's a small feedback from the centre:

"We would like to thank you for donating hundreds of toys for the children of NIPUN. Each children attending our Creche, Pre-school and REC centers received beautiful toys, puzzles and writing/coloring materials. The pure joy and surprises in the faces of each sweet child was truly unforgettable. The children, parents and staff of NIPUN will never forget this wonderful act of kindness and generosity." - Pradeep Kumar, Secretary


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